Monday, May 14, 2007

Please Pray For Jonathan

He's 19, going on 20, is my nephew, my older sister's youngest, and seems to be 'losing it.' He likes history and through scholarships got things lined up and went to an Eastern college, but halfway through his first semester, he quit and came home. Now he is isolating himself and wouldn't even come to our mother's day celebration. He has cut himself off from all people, even friends, and won't talk to his mother, father, or his brother who has always been close to him about what is wrong. We fear he is getting ill mentally.

He is a Christian, but needs a more firm relationship to Christ and has no fellowship right now, or Christian friends. Help! I love him dearly. Strange coincidence he has the same name as a new visitor to this site who is close in age and a Christian who can pray for him.


David said...

Hello friend GabrielleEden,

Long time no hear from! But its good to read from you again. I saw your comment when I was reading Trailady's latest post. Its been a while since I read her posts and yours. I've been too busy and I am ashamed of it!!!

I will pray for Jonathan. Although I haven't met him, its not likely that he's losing it or getting mentally ill. I truly believe that he needs quiet time and a true friend. Someone with self-sacrificing love. If his family can provide that, then they just need to be patient and persistent with him and he'll come out of his mood. And he will appreciate their patience and love and their willingness to give him space.

Take care, sister. Love you much. Happy Daughter's day.

Jonathan said...

Will do.

There is onne thing going for him though: he has a GREAT name ;D

I have been is somewhat similar situations, just not with family, and it's very difficult. But it sounds like he has all of the love and support anyone could ask for.

I'll be praying.

Gabrielle Eden said...

He does, jonathan, it's just that his father is very intense and rather unstable. But, I'm already feeling, in my gut, a lot better. And david (not kingdavid) you're always a blessing. Thanks for the prayers!!

And yes, he has a cool name.

Trailady said...

I will definitely pray for this young man. Life is really tough. Perhaps something traumatic has happened to him and he's not yet ready to verbalize it?? This world is a crazy place- anything is possible.

Gabrielle, I also want to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Even though I've never met you, I can feel the largeness of your heart. I so appreciate your sense of humore. You are no stranger to hard times. The gift of suffering is that it opens us to feel compassion for others. Thank you a million times over for caring. You are a blessing!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Wow, trailady. That is a blessing to me too.