Friday, May 25, 2007

Update On Jonathan

Thanks for your prayers. Jonathan is showing signs that the prayers are working. See him in the photo? A sweet, sensitive soul. My sister, his mother, had to give up her house, so it seemed that Jonathan was getting stressed since he was losing the stability of having a home to live in at the same time while he has no life of his own yet. But, he just moved out of the house and is staying with his brother (shown at left), the one who he wasn't sharing with at all. So now he seems to be talking to him again. Things seem to be improving. I talked a little with him and he doesn't seem too bad.

Soon he'll be living with his mother at my cousin's home, a retired doctor. Keep praying, and again, thanks.


Jonathan said...

Excellent! That's great news ideed!

God can work miracles, and he seems to be doing so in a great way! Jonathan is blessed to be in such a caring family :)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks specifically to you!