Monday, August 29, 2005

Sex and Jesus

Now that I have your attention.....
It is obvious now that Jesus had sexual feelings like any man and must have wanted to make love like any man, but he was no ordinary man, nor was he just a man. He was God, in the flesh.

He knew what He had to do and he had perfect self control, but be reminded that He only had a few years to get through on earth. This made it so much easier for Jesus, although we all have limited time. Throw it all away on God's love, because it's passing anyway, you have nothing to lose. More on that topic in my upcoming essay, "Why isn't God enough?"

Jesus looked forward to going home. It wouldn't have been good enough for him to stay here and give up his glory for the glory of making love. Yet, that does not mean that as a man, Jesus did not see the prospect of making love as a wonderful thing. He sacrificed that for us.

It is good to remember how highly God esteems all that He has created, including love-making. I was reminded of the predicament of the women of Jesus' day when I went to a church service in Minnesota and met a preacher who I found very attractive precisely because he embodied the love of Christ to a great degree. He was marginally handsome, but it didn't matter. It was a crucial moment in my life, and he was a vessel of love in a tanglible way, merely through beautiful words and eyes that exploded with God's love. I thought of how much more Jesus would have affected me. I found it hard not to fall in love, but had to fall out again right away - wife.

Jesus was inaccessible because of His divinity. No human woman could be his lover. Yet, the frustration! Women must have pined for him, and he must have been strongly attracted to some of them, such as the sexy Mary Magdalene.

Jesus was sexy, very sexy. Jim Caviezel? He is totally hot. But he plays Jesus only because we like to depict people of character with exterior beauty as well, to show their beauty. Yet the bible clearly states that Jesus "had no beauty that we should desire him." God did this so that his inner beauty would be enhanced. Guys, get a clue. A dynamic, powerful, compassionate, spiritually progressed man will be attractive to a woman, regardless of how he looks.

We always associate this gift of seeing the person and not the physical being, with women, yet I can attest to the same with men. The more you listen to me the more I can show you that men and women are not that different. We are different, and vive la difference, but in some of the most important areas we are not, which is important in making it possible for us to be in a relationship together.

I am now 50, i lost a joint in my foot six years ago, and God will restore me 100%, but I am, well, a club foot. I gained weight due to, not menopause, but some other stuff, and i'm not "all that" though i think i was in my 20's. It has caused me to laugh - the fanfare i get from guys, even young guys. Here i am, older, Quasi-moto with a club foot, overweight, and just not what the mare used to be, yet getting hit on. This is about 90% spiritual, i can assure you, because so much victory has been won, and I'm so happy with myself. I enjoy me, I'm so much smarter and more creative than ever, I'm doing what i want, and I have confidence when I go to the throne of grace.

I guess I still look younger, may still be pretty, but it's hard to be objective these days. I've looked at my face so long I'm bored.

Jesus was sexy. A guy gets his ear cut off, wham!! Jesus grows it right back. A crowd pursues him, to kill him, and he walks right through it. We know that when his life was taken, it was only by his permission and for our redemption. Guys - he had power - awesome power, just not a power "of this world" is all. i don't mind that a man was chosen to be the sacrificial lamb. Greatness in the bible is always through sacrifice. As a woman, knowing a man died a gruesome death for me is like the ultimate love from a man for me. Would you be great, or would you be loved? See upcoming essays for more on that topic.

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