Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Friends Outside America

from my trip to South Dakota, June 2004

People outside the states maybe can't imagine that so many Americans suffer soooo much from relational hurts. There is so much pain, such remorse, such disillusionment and disappointment, because people have been led down a primrose path to find the end of the rainbow. There have been false ideas and images portrayed in film and TV.

See, it doesn't matter about money, about affluence. We all need one thing - we need to be loved, to be understood, and not be alone.

In America, sure, most people have food, clothes, a roof over their heads, warmth, and a toilet and shower. But see - to be loved is everything. We have been raised to believe so much in love, and then we've all been sorely let down.

And, many Americans have to work hard for the basic things I mentioned, so that they have nothing left over. They have no money to visit your country, which would open worlds for them and open their eyes to see their own lives in greater perspective, allowing them to be more grateful for things they now take for granted, and to see things they may have lost.

We all need love and love is of God.

I just went down to Mexico from California briefly and let me tell you how I love the Mexican people. And it is quite obvious that selling out on life for money has corrupted Americans, and that often you find the kindest, sweetest people in places where they are not wealthy. The movie Richer or Poorer makes a statement, in humor, about what money can do to a relationship. The bible gives a severe warning regarding the dangers of having money, and of loving money, the love of it being the root of all evil.

America is going godless. Today, children are being denied the right to tell the story of Christmas at Christmastime using the name of God, while our currency still reads: In God We Trust!!!!! This satanic influence is our demise. If we give in to it, if it goes any further, if Americans defy the need for God - we're going down. God made us what we are. To deny that is utter foolishness. How long can you keep depending on yourself?


*sho* said...

(random blogger here)wow.. your right. unfortunately, the same goes with the rest of the world. bluntly put-it's karma i guess.. "yin & yang". where there's the rich, there's the poor.. happiness, sorrow.. thnx to media, most of us are blinded by reality
carpe diem~
ps-cool blog

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you, sho.

Wei Jin said...

Well, I Agree with you sho. even my country singapore is like this. soooooo will you tell me where Harry Potter lives now.and remember to tell me the address and country. send the answer to me in my comments page at
I am waiting for your answer.and pleaseeeeeee post back in my comments or i willl be veryyyyyyyyy disappionted!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trailady said...

Good thoughts!! I enjoyed this post very much. :o)

David said...

Yes, Gabrielle, I've often felt like we in America have had it too good for too long. I feel like there's this gigantic thundercloud building over our heads. There is much beauty still in the world to enjoy, but much responsibility comes with this which we have been ignoring for way too long. No empire lasted forever and we're only blind to think we'll be the exception. We need to invest in the next kingdom now. And like Daniel, we will be unharmed by the destruction of this kingdom and be safely handed over to the next.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you David

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