Monday, April 10, 2006


The Jew is God's focal point on earth.

The Jew goes back directly to Adam and Eve and we have the entire family tree on record. Abraham, the father of all Jews, comes directly from the lineage of Adam.

God chose the Jews and collectively made them a kind of messiah; He made them endure hardships and burdens for us, the lowly Gentiles, so that one day their messiah would be ours as well.

They were spit upon and tortured, despised and rejected - as He was, because they bore the imprint of God and the burden of divinity.

Poor beasts that flogged them - they knew that absolutely no one could hold a candle to the Jew.

They have born that burden for us, only many Jews have not understood, even wanting to emulate we Gentiles.

This is an interfaith exchange. We believe that Jesus is and was Yeshua Ha Messhiach, the Messiah to the Jews and the Messiah of the world.

When our Messiah, their Messiah came to us, we were beasts. We had strange notions of gods (instead of God) strange thoughts about the earth, and our relationship to it. We had a twisted relationship to each other as well. We worshipped rocks and bones. We were in a wrong relationship to animals. We had darkness in our understanding even though we had knowledge of many things.

We communed daily with demons and drank blood - God's sacred element which he strictly forbade His people to drink. Our minds were dull and yes, Pagan. swept by winds of evil and base impulses. All things considered, we had nothing! We were alone - each one a stranger to the other. We knew no love, only idolatry of beauty and the "lust thereof."

Yeshua came and touched the wild minds, the way he stilled the wind and the waves. He came in the form of his saints where they received this message.

He came over the seas from the middle east, first to the Islands where they received him - to Scandinavia, and The British Isles. It was the the Angles Jutes, Saxons and Fresians who had wandered there from some unknown region. The Vikings later emerged from the Islands of Scandinavia who were also called the Danes in the ancient world. Yeshua came, through his saints, to the British Isles which the Romans had inhabited until their demise, and which had been inhabited by a mysterious group of people called Celts who had already lived there for an untold number of years.

All of these pagan nations waited in darkness for many years but for what? They didn't know.

Lives began to transform. The Vikings gave in to grace and love and "fell in love" with Yeshua.

We found dignity and power, self control and knowledge, science and creativity. We found light! Through a moral awakening in our souls, a spirtual tide sweeping our inner spirit - our lives were totally changed. Through a continual sharpening of our minds, we joined you in transforming the world through an advanced technological age.

We started to march with you against evil and injustice. In America, we joined hands and created what we call Judeo-Christian society. This was the work of Yeshua.

Then we fell victim to pride and the corruption of power. This conflicted with the divinity instilled by Yeshua. Many souls retained the poisons of the past, we now know. But we didn't return to our pagan ways altogether.

Rabbi Jacob Neusner, who didn't claim to believe Jesus was the Messiah, still claimed in his book "A Rabbi Talks To Jesus" that Jesus is responsible for civilizing the western world.

Despite the humble origins of the church, and its many faults and foibles, D. James Kennedy says in his book, "What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?" that "the church has made more changes on earth than any other movement or force in history." He lists some of them:

*Hospitals and Universities, founded during the Middle Ages
*Literacy and education for the masses
*The abolition of slavery
*The Elevation of Women
*Inspiration for some of the greatest works of art
*and the list goes on.......

Contrary to popular thought, when women were deified in our world, and while some were in authority, most common women were treated like animals. Yeshua totally altered this. Look at our world today and notice it is the Christian world that has given women the power to excel. In studying what we call "The Old Testament" we can also see that Jewish women had a much higher status in the Jewish system than in the world around them.

In the "New Testament," Paul, the apostle most responsible for bringing the work of Christ to the nations, states that there is neither Jew nor "Greek" neither slave nor free and neither male nor female. He was declaring that this is the new status, the new state of things.

To put it simply, we got your God. I don't know how it happened, but we got the Jews' God.

It's been a mixed blessing. Being eaten by lions? Not a highlight.

All that we have been able to realize in our lives was made possible by our friend the Jew. Even before the birth of Yeshua, the Jew brought light to the world, and there was the hope of transformation.

Hollywood makes many truthful observations. The prosecuting attorney in the movie "The Death Of Mary Phagan" admitted to the courtroom that he was aware that Jews were a civilized people "when" as he said in this paraphrase, "we {caucasians} were
still eating human flesh."

The Jews, among us for centuries, ensured a sane and civilized mind was always inhabiting the earth through the dark years. This civilizing effect made many ripples in the pool of history.

In America, the Jewish influence is profound. Hollywood reflects this the most. As a film lover and new filmmaker, Hollywood is very important to me. Many movies display an "earthy" wisdom about mankind. Some movies are purely profound, and some are prophetic. The subconscious collective of many filmmakers, under the protection of the Jewish leadership in Hollywood, has produced miraculous and mysterious foresight.

Hollywood is powerful. Jews have dominated the culture through Hollywood. It's a clever takeover - employing the ultimate creativity, making even devils sit in their chairs and roar with laughter.

Judeo-Christian values are more than preserved in Hollywood. The staunchly religious Christians and the perhaps other staunch folks criticize Hollywood and perhaps can't appreciate the liberated ways of keeping the laws of God. It's the way they were meant to be kept - full of grace and freedom.

In some ways it seems to me that the Jews in Hollywood have actually better attained to God's perfect hope of understanding that He sought throughout the Old Testament. I would like to believe that we Christians have helped the Jews to do that. A balance has been struck - spirit and flesh, body and soul. The greatest eclipse of Christians and Jews seems to be reflected In Hollywood. It may not be conscious but it is progressive.

it is not surprising that Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion.." is protected by Jewish leadership, despite some claims that it bashes Jews. Mel's movie points to another forgotten group of people - the religious who have no love, only the "letter." They were Jesus' true enemies.

Today, Jesus true enemies are the Christians who have only the "letter" and none of the love.

When I look at the Jews as a collective, I can see the imprint of God. I have to ask, "how is it that so many still KNOW that they are Jews?" After all the wandering, all the assimilating, all the homelessness.

Their history is unparalleled. They have even gone back and retrieved the ancient land which once was their only home. I have heard that theoretically, it is the location of the garden of Eden - Adam and Eve's original home. How amazing is that? And after wandering for centuries - after being scattered.

The Jews tell me the God of the bible is real. If the Jews leave the earth - then I'm in hell. How many times I've thought that the real Christians have been raptured already, but then I think, "but I have the Jews." So it's alright.

The Jews tell me it is possible to have the mind of a computer and the heart of a rabbi. It shows what I've missed being in a group of people long immersed in darkness, and not likely to catch up.

No matter what we've been able to achieve, it is the Jews who stand out as the cleverest and most talented. They show me that to be God's is to be the best possible person I can be.

"Personality is something we develop to overcome evil." I learned that from the Jews. Humor and clever words avert lust, anger, violence and countless components of evil. Hollywood often teaches this.

We believe that we've been adopted. We were adopted into the same family as the Jews because of Yeshua. This is too high, too good. God made me a Jew!

God took me from the "wild beasts" of the earth and made me one of HIS OWN! This is what Messiah came to do!

We Christians are struggling to get the same relationship going that the Jews have had since, well, the beginning. OK we have our Tammy Fayes and our faggy Toms. We're new.

My first love in the bible is the writings of David the shepherd - the man after God's own heart. About David, as I look at his writings in an overview I can only say - "you're not paranoid if they really are after you!"

I can quote David by heart: "As for God His ways are perfect. He is a shield to all who trust in Him." "By my God I can run against a troop and leap over a wall." "he trains my hands for war so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze."

The more I know the Jewish God, the more it changes me. I find myself becoming cleverer, wittier, and more creative. One day it dawned on me: "I am becoming a Jew!"

Now I understand how they got so smart. It's because of their enemies. One day they are in a place, the next day they are running for fear of becoming lunch meat. God seems to have one plan, then the plan changes. To understand Him takes your whole heart, soul and mind. it takes all your energy. It takes all your time. He requires incredible patience and there are burdens, there is pain, there is a price.

You have to ask Him for wisdom on everything. He always likes to do something new, yet He is unchanging. That is what makes Him so exciting.

We have a fierce arch enemy with cunning deception. Because of David, I can see it's the same old story. We have to be on our toes 24/7.

In this present darkness I appeal to those who love their God, the God of Israel, and who desire rightness with all their hearts.

I want to ask you, the Jewish people, for patience and understanding for all the beastly minds in this world who know in their hearts that they are beasts and cringe as they watch the Jew march on in his regal destiny.


David said...

The Jews do hold an important place in history. They do have intact a lineage that goes back to the very beginning. I've often wondered if the Garden of Eden was the Middle East, but there is no Bible proof of it that I've run across.

Take care, Garbrielle

Trailady said...

This is a nice tribute to a very misunderstood people. :o)