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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Blog Worth $59,984,788!!!!

According to a website called CyberWyre found at kingdavid's blog! They will calculate the dollar value of your website(?!) As he said, I'm not greedy so I'm open to offers. I'll take a mere $50 million.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Al Qaeda Also Fed Up With Ground Zero Construction Delays, onion haha

Watch the video in the Onion.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Gay Men Really Don't Like Women At All

Truth be told, despite how the TV shows try to depict gay men in friendships with women (and they choose straight men to play the part, Will & Grace) gay men don't like women and don't need them at all. This latest article in Drudge Report on a Gay Aussie hotel that is going to ban all heterosexual men and lesbians from entering the premises reminds me of the fact.

They don't want men who like women, and they don't even want women who share their lifestyle on the premises. Never mind just having interesting, engaging people around for good conversation! They just want gay men there so they can carry on with their orgiastic, myopic obsession. Ugh! Road to hell!

Notice it says in the article they will kick anyone out who seems to be acting too heterosexual! I try to imagine how that will be played out. Could be hilarious.

Animal Kingdom Jihad

Dear friend Kingdavid has had a (hilarious)running theme over at his blog of AKJ, and there was this story in the Mpls Star and Tribune of a mystery animal clawing a camper(photo) in Itasca State park here in Minnesota just the other day. The story irritated me a bit because they left out the details of just how careless the camper was. Did he leave his tent unzipped? How did the animal just wander in? This is information we might want to know. (They did have a blurb in a later article about a bobcat that may have unzipped it.) It got me thinking about all the camp-outs where I could have been clawed or mauled in 2005. I was traveling in Montana, California and Arizona and camping out. It was kind of a dream I was living, at least a dream for some of us.

In Montana I met this couple and stayed in their home in Bozeman. They let me know they own a cabin, no two cabins, one large and one tiny next to it(see photos) in Yellowstone (the lucky dogs!) They said I could stay there for free for an unlimited amount of time in exchange for a little work there. So I headed there in my car with my two cats but arrived late at night. So I was wandering in the woods with a flashlight searching for the two cabins when I arrived, not knowing that it was grizzly country until later. You'd think that would be information they might share with me! That was my first brush with death. I was letting my cats out there to wander too.

Later I camped out West of there in some gorgeous mountains where there were mountain lions. There were other people camping around me, but I was in a tent. People were saying that hawks might take off with my cats.

After that I was in California staying in a campground in Monterey and near Santa Barbara. And then I camped out in the open in Arizona, where the hazards were snakes and scorpions, although in winter they were hibernating.

I guess after reading all of Kingdavid's stories on AKJ incidents, and many of them about domestic animals just going wild, what stands out is that I've been protected. Even when there could have been danger, I've been safe. I guess I expect God to protect me and He does.

A Godly Leader

Here is the bible's definition of a leader found in 2 Samuel 23:3-4 -(Webster's Bible Translation)

3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spoke to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.
4 And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain.

David goes on to say:
5 Although my house is not so with God; yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: for this is all my salvation, and all my desire, although he maketh it not to grow.

I thought of this passage while reading Jonathan's blog, and the post on Nancy Pelosi.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Greater Love Has No Man Than This,

that someone lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13 World English Bible

I would rather give up my life sacrificially than die from a disease or old age. What are we hanging onto our lives for when we cannot? Jesus said that if you seek to hold onto your life you will lose it, but if you lose it for His sake and for the gospel, you will "keep" it. I would rather keep it in the sense that Jesus is talking about, which is primarily, the life after death. Go for the gusto! Lose your life! (now that I have said this, I am going to go preach to myself!)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Poem

Soldier, rest, thy warfare o'er,
Dream of fighting fields no more.
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Morn of toil, nor night of waking.
Sir Walter Scott

I find it almost impossible to wrap my mind around what the American soldier has done or is doing for me, because it is so far above anything I have done or am doing in return, but I will try to say thank you anyway. I want to thank all the American soldiers who have died for me, or who have risked their lives or been maimed for me. You, like Jesus Christ, sacrificed yourself for me. He did it to free me from sin; you did it to give me freedom to live and choose and believe. How can I thank you enough?

Gabrielle Eden

(a good place to thank the troops is at: A Million Thanks!)

Bush Knows How to Get Pooped On! Piece of cake after every other way he's been pooped on! As usual he handles it with decorum above a tirade of criticism and enemies clucking "it's a sign from God." (It was probably another "Animal Kingdom Jihad" attack.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Harsh Treatment of Homosexuals Another Example of the Disease of Radical Islam

Like hangings and torture are going to "cure" people of their sin problem, and like Muslims really love the sinner and care about sin and the consequences of sin. No! Now here we have a perfect demonstration of hate, the kind of hate that liberals say that Christians have towards homosexuals, when Christians say that homosexuality is wrong, but are saying it in love.

In Iran, when torture and hangings ensue for acts of homosexuality, that is hate! (And the Westboro Baptist church protesting at funerals and saying God hates America because of homosexuality - that is hate too, and a twisted brand of Christianity.)

Nothing Without You - Bebo Norman

This is one of my favorite worship songs.

Stand in Awe - Jeremy Riddle

I always get excited when I find a great new worship artist.

I Will Lift My Eyes - Bebo Norman

Monday, May 21, 2007

Majesty(Here I Am)

I get into the car yesterday (Sunday) and I happened to have missed church. I put on a Christian station and this came on. Instant worship, I couldn't resist. Notice the lyrics: "knowing I'm a sinful man covered by the blood of the Lamb"

By Delirious?

Here I am humbled by your Majesty
Covered by your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man
Covered by the blood of the Lamb

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by your love
In the presence of your Majesty

Here I am humbled by the love that you give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Written by Stu Garrard/Martin Smith �2003 Curious? Music U

Friday, May 18, 2007

Worst Albums Covers

I found this at kingdavid's site, only I picked a different album cover. Again, great minds are thinking alike.

Check It Out Again

I have a new visitor to my blog worth noting: Jonathan of Ambassadors of Christ.

It always amazes me the level of maturity and development of some teens. He describes himself very well in his profile on his blog. And there is another blog I have begun to visit regularly too: Roy, or "Hook" of Hooked On Grace.

He is this breathtakingly prolific writer, and man of God who is very concerned about the church and matters related to our Christian walk.


Cat meets kitten, kitten kicks butt (edited)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

John Edwards Feeling Pretty

This needs no introduction.

Jerry Falwell?

Michael Medved praised Falwell for uniting conservatives, including Jews and Mormons, and calling them the "moral majority." I'm glad for a Jew calling attention to this and respecting him for his values. But I have to recall what bothered me about Jerry Falwell. He lashed out in judgment as if he relied on his own righteousness instead of Christ. This is what kills the message of the cross.

It said in one article that he admitted he was losing the battle for better values. But I believe he wasn't fighting with the right weapons. He didn't touch me during the 80's when I was adrift from Christ with his political Christianity.

The church still hasn't seen its day. The traditional church has been losing its battles in America, but the true church, the true body of Christ has still not fully emerged. We are still waiting for revival.

Note: Falwell was always kind of cute and plump like Santa Claus.

IDAHO: MAY 17, International Day Against Homophobia

For IDAHO (found out on Kingdavid's blog) I declare that I will fight homophobia by never being afraid of homsexuality by always knowing that I can overcome it by the blood of the Lamb.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miracle On The Road

I don't know exactly what inspires a new post, but you just hope that they have some rhyme or reason and that it speaks to someone. I was just remembering some amazing miracles of provision on the road, you know, when God showed up to protect or provide while traveling.

One is that I was taking a trip to Colorado in December late 2004 (gas price $1.66) for a week or so, and was driving all the way from Iowa to Colorado in one stretch. It was very late, around 3 AM, and I needed to stop and find a hotel. I was near a town called Merino so I turned in but got lost and ended up in another small town instead, named Hillrose. I was traveling with two cats and one of them was getting crazy from the long trek, so I let her out. She always stayed near the car, but this time strayed from the car to a junkyard nearby. I was stuck until I got her back in the car!!!

The little town had nothing. It had no stores, no hotels, not even a gas station, just a few houses. I wondered how people could live in a town like this. It seemed so isolated.

I looked down the street and saw a church. It seemed to be God's sense of humor because it was Lutheran and I was raised Lutheran. It was only a block from the junkyard so I figured if I could get in there I could still find my cat after resting in the church. Why did I just sense that I could into that church? See, I was raised in a small town church as my dad is a pastor. It was indeed open. There was one little door open in the small side door in the very front of the church, next to the altar. It seemed symbolic, being able to enter right into the "holiest" part of the church. God has allowed us into the "holy of holies."

I put my sleeping bag down on the carpeted floor but then realized that there was a kitchen area in back that was more cheerful and carpeted as well. There was also a bathroom. There was also food in the refrigerator so I could get a snack - some ice cream in the freezer, and some water in bottles. There were some chips in bags. I was so hungry I didn't think I could fall asleep.

After setting up my sleeping bag I opened a can of tuna I had and went back to lure my cat out of the junkyard which was successful. Now I had both my cats in the church with me, and they were very harmless to the surroundings. I felt God telling me to check to see if there was a downstairs, but I thought, "nah, there's probably no downstairs."

I finally fell asleep and was aware that someone had come during the morning and saw my cats and left. I was awakened at 1:00 PM by the minister. He was a nice, young, rather roly-poly man, who seemed only slightly miffed, but not that alarmed. I explained my situation and that I was a minister's daughter, and that we had often had bums come to our church and sleep on the pews at night. He told me that there was no problem. He handed me his business card and told me there was a guest room in the basement and if I was ever in the area again to look them up.

I was passing through Colorado again on another trip coming from Arizona and I did indeed look them up. A pipe had broken in their guest room at the time, so they couldn't put me up there, so they offered to put me up in a nearby motel for free. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? That, my friends is the love of the body of Christ. The pastor and his wife did it for me because they recognized that I am a sister in Christ. I suppose they would do it for a stranger under other circumstances as well. It is the love of Christ. Believe in it. Let it sink in.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everybody Loves Raymond Can Dance

I don't know how long I've been watching these re-runs, but I love this show for the characters and values. It was unparalleled. And trust me to find it late, but I found it. Here is a collage of dances from the show.

Interview With Everybody Loves Raymond Cast (hillary 2008)

I happen to watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond religiously on local station 29 in the Cities. I found this.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush Just 'Doing His Job', Right?

It doesn't help the opinion polls to see Bush tirelessly visiting Kansas, because he's just fulfilling his obligations as President, supposedly, but I admire him.


The Story Of Mother's Day

The earliest Mother's Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. During the 1600's, England celebrated a day called "Mothering Sunday". Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter*), "Mothering Sunday" honored the mothers of England.
*(For more information on Lent/Easter check out - Easter on the Net)

During this time many of the England's poor worked as servants for the wealthy. As most jobs were located far from their homes, the servants would live at the houses of their employers. On Mothering Sunday the servants would have the day off and were encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers. A special cake, called the mothering cake, was often brought along to provide a festive touch.

As Christianity spread throughout Europe the celebration changed to honor the "Mother Church" - the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm. Over time the church festival blended with the Mothering Sunday celebration . People began honoring their mothers as well as the church.

In the United States Mother's Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to the Battle hymn of the Republic) as a day dedicated to peace. Ms. Howe would hold organized Mother's Day meetings in Boston, Mass ever year.

In 1907 Ana Jarvis, from Philadelphia, began a campaign to establish a national Mother's Day. Ms. Jarvis persuaded her mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia to celebrate Mother's Day on the second anniversary of her mother's death, the 2nd Sunday of May. By the next year Mother's Day was also celebrated in Philadelphia.

Ms. Jarvis and her supporters began to write to ministers, businessman, and politicians in their quest to establish a national Mother's Day. It was successful as by 1911 Mother's Day was celebrated in almost every state. President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914, made the official announcement proclaiming Mother's Day as a national holiday that was to be held each year on the 2nd Sunday of May.

While many countries of the world celebrate their own Mother's Day at different times throughout the year, there are some countries such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium which also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May.

from: Mother's Day on the net

A Mother's Day Poem

M - O - T - H - E - R

space "M" is for the million things she gave me,
space "O" means only that she's growing old,
space "T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
space "H" is for her heart of purest gold;
space "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
space "R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell
A word that means the world to me.

Howard Johnson (c. 1915)


It's my favorite U2 song! I do like the dynamics, and with YouTube, it's free, so why not?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Without limbs -Nick Vujicic

You must see this to understand how a young man can live a life without limbs as a life without limits. I found him on Texas Rainmaker's blog. He was at his church. Texas Rainmaker said that Nick was recently in Indonesia, a Muslim country, speaking to a group of 350,000 people, and 80,000(!) gave their lives to Christ. He has been able to go all over, sharing the message of his love for Christ and Christ's love for him. A torso! A torso goes all over the world preaching and bringing people to Christ!

I have seen pictures of people lying on the streets of India, for example, without limbs and thought of how I want to restore them, and how horrible their situation. Nick is the perfect person to give hope to such people. While I believe it is God's perfect will to restore Nick to wholeness (because that is Christ's gospel), it is awesome what God has been able to do in and through him in the state that he is. He is an inspiration. He causes me to be drawn to the hope of heaven, because he obviously relies on that. On Texas Rainmaker's blog you will find a video of Nick doing everyday tasks.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"I'm Just Fixing Up My Manspace"

I just thought this article was pretty funny, unabashedly calling a man's private area to hangout at home his "manspace"

Virginia Tech Had Gun Control

Virginia Tech already had gun control laws in place preventing anyone from defending himself and stopping the crazy person. This ought to be a perfect example of what can happen to a country with gun control in place. Why isn't it obvious that gun control only leaves the majority of people defenseless but still allows the killer a way to find a weapon? And gun control happens when people want to put more trust in their government than in themselves. I found this writing on the topic.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Discerning God's Will

I found this in the bulletin of my parents' church and thought it was good. Based on Dr. James Dobson's answers to the question "how do you make decisions that are in line with God's will?".
1. A search for God's will should begin on your knees. He will meet you there.
2. Examine the scriptures for principles that relate to the issues at hand. The Lord will never ask you to do anything morally wrong or in contradiction to His word.
3. Seek advice from those who are spiritually mature and solid in their faith. A godly counselor or pastor can assist you in avoiding the common mistakes that confuse many people.
4. Pay close attention to what is known as "providential circumstance." When you begin to be blocked on all sides in a particular pursuit, you might consider the possibility that God has other plans for you. Don't give up at the first sign of obstacles, but be attentive to what God is already doing around you.
5. Do nothing impulsively. Give God an opportunity to speak while you concentrate on the first four approaches.

In addition to these five steps to determine God's specific will, you can know His general will for each of us. The Scriptures give all believers the same assignment, and we find it in the words of Jesus, who said, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation" (Mark 16:15). So in whatever you do, whether you are a dentist, a truck driver, an artist, or a homemaker, you have the privilege of using that position as a springboard to witness for the Savior.