Friday, September 02, 2005


What the young ones are saying today. For the older ones to rehearse and thus become more on the cutting edge!

"Right on" (borrowed from my generation, but now used in a light, matter of fact way as agreement instead of as an exclamation)
"Cool" (also borrowed)
"No worries!"
"Rock on!" (probably also borrowed)
"It's all good!"
"Righteous dude"
"Righteous" (borrowed)
"Dude!" (also borrowed)
"Shut Up!" similar to "you have got to be kidding!"
"like" You need to know, young ones that this "LIKE" thing goes all the way back to the late 70's in Southern California. It was used by young American girls, especially in the mall, and was immortalized by Frank Zappa in 1982 in a humorous single called "Valley Girl" referring to the San Fernando Valley on the other side of a hill from Los Anglee, California. That's why by now we all can hardly resist talking this way.

here is my own adjective, if only it could be injected into the mainstream:

I'm tryin', I'm tryin' - to say "Gotcha" instead of "I see," or "I get it." And I'm trying to say, "right on," instead of, whatever, but it's hard because there was a time when I was trying to stop saying "right on" cuz it went out of style. Weird. He youngins! Be sure to remind me of any that are not listed.

Please be sure to remind me of any others!


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