Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Problem With Peace

The angels declared "Peace On Earth Good will To Man" when Jesus's birth was heralded. Later, Jesus said, "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." So, you say, there he goes again with the contradictions!

Peace on earth is still a prophetic word that will come to pass. Why is peace so far from us? Because satan and his cohorts roam and dominate the earth.

Jesus said,"I came to destroy the works of the devil" That is a prophetic word. However we participate in the fulfilling of that promise. Jesus said he gave US all authority over the power of the enemy. We must seize that power in order to fulfill the prophecies. We die for lack of knowledge. We must learn to see the works of the enemy.

Jesus said that people will be enemies in their own households. How much more then, enemies between nations.

We are not able to attain to peace because we have a fight ahead of us: a fight against the devil and his "seed."

The antichrist, the world leader we have heard about, is supposed to be appeal to our desire for peace and promise peace. It is important to recognize that peace can be a deceptive concept employed by the devil to gain control. Peace will come, but not until there are some battles.

America has sinned much against the Lord, yet America is loved by the Lord, and still promotes the concept of freedom of choice, which has been abused. And now we also see freedom being threatened in America. But those who attack America visciously truly hate the idea of freedom. There is no easy solution to deal with that problem, but saying that you want to back down when you have been attacked because you want peace is not a solution.

If you and your family were attacked by someone who entered your home, raped the women and children, then killed them and ransacked all your possessions - you would in turn want to come against that enemy to destroy his power. What happened to America was exactly the same sort of thing, only it was our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers who were attacked and even destroyed. Our Uncle Sam is going after that enemy to try to paralyze his power, so he cannot repeat what happened on 9/11/2001. To say that we are not at war for that purpose, that our leaders care so little for us, is absurd. To say that they would expend lives for something other than that purpose is ludicrous.

I believe that any man, including Bill Clinton, or for that matter, John Kerry, is carefully scrutinized by a large number of significant people as to whether or not he is genuinely concerned for the welfare of his country, before he is even allowed to be considered as a candidate for the presidency. How can Americans be so cynical as to assume that our president today is not equally concerned for the welfare of his country? There is a disease of cynicism that pervades our culture. Much of that comes from trusting the wrong people, making the wrong choices, and having the usual results: disappointment. Much of the fault lies with each individual's wrong choices.

Yet, individuals turn and blame their president, the way they blame God, as if he is God. It is time to take responsibility for our own mistakes and stop placing the blame on leadership and stand behind the leader who was fully qualified to be in that position.

I have knockdown, drag out battles with Satan, the enemy of our souls. Used to be that I got knocked out like Rocky. He was on the floor, bleeding, the count was on, and he didn't know if he'd make it up. He managed to get up and keep fighting until he won. I lost. I lost many battles until I learned who I am in christ and the power of the Word of God.I had to learn because I was being destroyed. Then, the last time I was "down on the floor bleeding" I got up and fought until I won.

Satan is a cold, calculating, viscious enemy, partly embodied by the killers of 9/11. He wants nothing more than to kill, to steal and to destroy. I wake up in the morning, particularly when I am in large cities, and particularly certain large cities in America or Canada, and am aware that the devil has been plotting all night how to destroy me, but is worried now that I'm awake and conscious so I can speak the word of God. Always I am aware he is on my heels and I feel his hot suffocating breath on me at times.

We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed. I thank God for the timeless words of our Apostle Paul.

We are going to fight, and we are going to win.

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