Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jim Carrey - Fun With Dick And Jane 2006

What can I say about Jim Carrey? Never have I seen a funnier man. I love him, I envy him, I thank God for him.

In this age of trouble, who has done a better job to reassure us that laughter is still in the air?

This movie totally rocks. Funniest scene: Jim plays Dick and Tia Leone (who is awesome as a funny woman, relinquishing her dignity to get a laugh),plays Jane his wife. The two of them and their son, in the throes of financial disaater, lather up with soap and jump into someone else's lawn sprinkler in order to get a shower.

Other funny scene: while Carrey is trying to get work alongside a bunch of Mexican guys he gets mistaken for being a Mexican and is deported to Mexico, so he has to escape back into America along with a bunch of illegal aliens.

God, oh my Lord, I thank you for the people who make movies like this. My mind is satisfied by the brilliance in every plot twist and every available opportunity for humor.

Usually, behind the brilliance, there is a Jew somewhere.

Carrey is an amazing man when you think about it. He hides his personal life - we never hear about his lady friend. He is stinking rich by now, yet perfectly embodies our anger - the anger of the ordinary person against stupid, insane injustices. He is all about anger, and satisfies the repressed Christian who fears to vent his/her anger about the things that need addressing.

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Trailady said...

I haven't seen this film, but Jim was really great in Bruce Almighty!