Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tubby The Cat

I believe he's the eighth wonder of the world.

He travels with me everywhere. We were just at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Sure enough, he got as much videotaping and photo shooting as the Grand Canyon did. That so made me laugh!

I was there walking him on his harness and leash. People can't believe a cat can be so much like a dog.

He thinks he is a dog, i guess. He rides with me everywhere - all day long he sits up in the back of the car watching everything that passes. He sticks his head out the window like a dog. He gets out at every stop and wants to go where the people are and meet them. He is so friendly he walks right into anyone's RV or house, and when I have let him wander it has ended up that he has disappeared only to get a call later saying that they have my cat. (my number is on his collar)

I have to watch him now, so I take him for walks everyday just like a dog - on a harness and leash. He sort of follows, like a dog. He follows behind me even better when I let him walk without a leash and follow me. This lets him know the choice is his to follow me and he does for security sake. Once I was at a hotel with a long flight of stairs and the cleaning lady watched him while I went out. She said he sat at the top of the stairs and didn't leave that spot until i returned.

Only, because he is a cat, he carefully digs a little hole in sand, "does his doodle", and carefully covers it up again. So pristine, the cat. he has long hair and cleans all of it, and is beautiful.

He is so cute. he has short legs and walks slow like a Corgy or a Basset Hound.

He has huge paws and a head too small because he was a stray for the first year of his life and didn't eat enough. And now that he isn't a stray, he eats too much all the time, so with the small head and the big paws and all the eating, he is cute and plump. I'm afraid the brain didn't develop completely along with the head. He seems to trust everyone (stupid!).

Everywhere we go people just melt to see him and have to get close. He is my icebreaker. People don't take to ME like that, so Tubby is my bridge to humanity.

He looks up at me with bright twinkling eyes that have a touch of persian cat and so they are blue as well as green. He then places his huge paws on my face. He is a cow cat - black and white. I came up with "cow cat" because black and white cats are usually very mellow ones, unless they are one of the really skinny males. The skinniness suggest a touch of Siamese and that always makes them capricious and a little nasty.

Otherise, the "Oreo" is just a blessed type of cat - without behavior problems. i have been driving around the U.S. with both he and another black and white cat - a small, docile female named Bonita.

Tubby is an eating, pooping machine. He has a poop for every occasion. We walked out on the sandy beach at "Carmel by the Sea" California, and as I talked with an admirer of his, he carefully dug his little hole in the sand and made a deposit. Not long after, he gleefully made another deposit in his catbox. He loves his cat litter, like a kid in a sandbox.

Ahhhhhhh cats!


Trailady said...

I WANT a cat like that! My cats are total snobs which is why I love my dogs so much. What a cute post! Made me smile. :o)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Trailady. i keep trying to comment you back and then it doens't work.

I also have your page as a favorite.

Thank you for comments. i also love Oprah - an amazing woman.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Tubby IS one in a million..God blessed me!