Tuesday, October 03, 2006


because I actually have this great family. I have this great mother who gives and gives and loves and loves. And though she's 80, she is young for her age and is full of energy. She is always getting the family together and making food for everyone. She is always thinking of others. I have five siblings and a cousin who is like a brother. I have nephews and nieces. We all love each other and are in close contact with one another. My sister who lives in Germany just visited and we ended years of silence and rivalry and had a great time together. Now we have each other as well. She brought her daughter who is at that great age of 13.

My oldest brother, a lawyer, is coming from California this coming weekend to visit. We just had a huge family reunion centered around my mom's 80th birthday. All her brothers and sisters came to visit and we had a great time. They are all young for their age like she is and love her very much. I finally realize that I'm lucky, I guess.

My siblings are all amazing people. My oldest brother is a lawyer and has two adopted daughters from China. My older sister has raised three children and become an architect as well. My next older brother is a graphic artist. My sister in Germany has learned fluent German and raised two adorable girls and teaches English, and my youngest brother is a professor of film on the east coast and will soon teach in London. My cousin who is like a brother to us is a doctor who has already retired. My nephew, son of my sister the architect has already worked on movie sets in video production and got a job recently working for the Minnesota Timberwolves showing movie clips to go with whatever kind of action occurs during the game. My nephew is so mature he is almost like another sibling.

And then there's me - the underachiever - the dreamer. But I'm fragile, and life is just a little harder for me. And it wouldn't be right to describe my siblings as I have without telling that they are also godly people with a spiritual side and are very decent as well as accomplished.


Trailady said...

Sounds like you are going to have a nice get-together. Tell us how it goes....

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for visiting.....

heaven57 said...

Please remember that you are BLESSED to have such a loving family with whom you have a good relationship with (not merely lucky).
I'm wondering where you are in the birth order with your siblings; sounds like you are probably the youngest.
Don't belittle yourself as just the underachieving dreamer of the children: I believe a dreamer has an important gift(s) from God which just needs to be developed, nurtured, & channeled into the right direction(s) before that person ultimately achieves success that other people will recognize & see as legitimate.
For example, a so-called dreamer may be useful in assisting others to identify their gifts, talents,potential,vision,etc. and also to possibly inspire/encourage them to strive to achieve their newly discovered talents/potential which was pointed out by YOU!!!
Also a dreamer may have a much better than average ability to discover on their own what is their personal vision/goals in life; without having to depend on others to assist them in discovering what your path should be. Sometimes other people's "assistance" or advice to you can cause confusion for you or even lead you down a wrong path.

I think I can relate to you in that I am the youngest of 4 siblings and have tended to be the underachieving one all of my adult life. My two sisters & 1 brother have always been much more successful in life & have enjoyed much more stability in their lives compared to me. I've given up on trying to "compete" with them or to try to catch up to their level of success (which is partially worldly success anyway, such as having excellent jobs/careers, stable incomes, good housing,children,etc.)
I'm on my own path which has taught me some things which I doubt they have ever learned or at least have forgotten; I know that in some ways I have gained some things which they haven't (such as a deeper appreciation for basic things such as the provision of housing & daily food, transportation; as well as a few spiritual lessons, revelations, and the gift/blessing of having gone through the experience of becoming a spirit-filled Christian).
Sometimes when I think about it I'll feel sad for them that they've never experienced being spirit-filled & are not open at all to it(my one sister tried to convince me one time that I had been brain-washed:by the church in which God led me to which taught me new things & was instrumental in leading me into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Jesus). Sometimes I feel bad for them that they cannot pray in the spirit and be edified in that way.

Anyway, I digress probably too much here for your blog & so I apologize if I've gotten off subject for responding to your post about your siblings. This is truly the very first time ever I've posted or responded to any blog & so I'll learn my way in this atmosphere.
I just wanted to basically respond to your bottom line of the post in which you described yourself as an underachieving dreamer; I wanted to encourage you to not be negative on yourself if that's what is in your mind. See yourself as one who has a lot of talent, ability, and potential which God can help you discover & develop.
I'm currently reading a mini-book entitled "You Are Valuable" by Christian minister/author Billy Joe Daugherty who is or was based in Tulsa I believe. It lays out the differences between what the "world" considers to be of value in people Vs. what God deems to be of true value in people.
I'll finish reading it and maybe respond again to your blog to give some more info. on this subject.
I hope my earlier comments above will be of benefit & encouragement to you; it's possible it may help you to see yourself differently and in a better light........
Bye for now,

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hey heaven57, thanks for taking the time to write such a long response to my blog. Thank you for reminding me of my eternal worth in God's eyes. I forget about the immense depth that God has taken me on which, at times, I have noticed my siblings haven't been taken on, usually it seems it's because they have been too caught up in the plane of the natural world of their achievements.

God bless you.

Roseuvsharon said...

Glad you are thankful for a wonderful family. God bless! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the joys of such a family milestone.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks, Rose!

Gabrielle Eden said...

My brother's visit was great! He shared his heart with me and my other brother and this has only happened because of a depth that has been formed in him more recently.