Friday, October 20, 2006

Thinking Outside The Cup!


Just A Human said...

Hi {G},

Thanx for visiting my blog - hope you keep coming back to read my posts. I had one article which I wanted to share and know your views please look at this -

Gabrielle Eden said...

I saw that - I love the photos.

David said...

It was good to talk to you today. I hope I didn't rattle on too much. I need to learn how to listen better. But take care and remember that God is big, He's in charge, and He is love.

Gabrielle Eden said...

David, you're hard on yourself. I also thought back to the conversation and thought I might have been too abrupt, but I DID INDEED HAVE A TIMER ON ME!

Thanks for being a friend in time of need. I'll call again.

David said...

There it is! I don't know why that was so hard for me to find. I guess I wasn't thinking of it being a reply to my comment.

Anyway, its good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping in contact. I hope all is well. I'm getting ready to travel down to Georgia on Monday. I'll see my wife and dogs and do some work around the house (which is an old mobile home.) We bought it used because I was starting my last duty station in the Navy and we didn't want to be tied down with a house.

Well, this is e-mail material. So maybe I should email you instead of letting the blog world in on it all. Hello out there, Blog world!

See you later, Marie.

Gabrielle Eden said...

No, I think the blog world enjoys this stuff.Not a problem.