Friday, November 03, 2006

Life is a leaf

We must let it grow, let it fall and touch it ever so carefully so we don't break it.

Gabrielle Eden

photo compliments of Kim and Chris at


Kim and Chris said...

Glad you liked my photo enough to use it on your blog.

I believe God teaches us a great deal through the beauty and intricacy of His creation.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you, and I agree.

David said...

Yes, and the colors are so beautiful around northern Virginia these days. I spent a couple of hours taking pictures last week. Truly God is wonderful.

Marie, I guess I'm not too much in tune with the news. What happened to Ted Haggard and who is he?

David said...

The Ted Haggard situation is a very sad thing. It brings such reproach on Christ and holiness.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yes, and I'm struggling with whether to post something about him, or just let it go.