Thursday, February 09, 2006

How I Met Harry Potter

I was teaching private music lessons in Minneapolis. I was driving to the home of a ten year old girl in an affluent western suburb. Her parents had bought this peculiar house. It was built in 1970 and was designed to look like a space ship. I thought of Space Odyssey 2001, which came out in 1969.

It had these windows that remind you of a submarine, and the entire interior walls were done in an off-white linen. Add to this, the couple sold antiques. This submarine/spaceship style house was filled with huge, dark mahoghany and oak furniture from the Victorian period, mainly. There were dining room pieces that reached very high with ornate carving.

Like many antiques, these had a strong, spooky presence attached to them. Walking into the house, I felt a spooky presence throughout.

Then, I would go into the girl's room, which was pretty girlish - in pinks, where she also kept her keyboard. We would sit there and practice the piano together. She caught on very quickly. I noticed her Harry Potter books and asked her about them. She was poring over them, reading one after the other. I asked to borrow one, as I had heard about them but wanted to examine them for myself.

In addition to this, i was bringing CD's for her music education that were not only educational, they were inspirational. I was "smuggling" God into her home. She was loving the music. I brought her the soundtrack to "Sister Act II" with songs like "Oh Happy Day" and she was singing loudly "WHEN JESUS WASHED, MY SINS AWAY!!!"

It was a victory for God.

i brought home her Harry Potter book, I don't remember now which one it was in the series. It was all about witchcraft. Oh don't try to tell me otherwise, because, you see, I have lived twenty years in the city of Minneapolis...and I know witchcraft because it permeates the entire city.

Seventeen years ago, young and dumb, I met this guy in Minneapolis who called himself a white witch, like in the Wizard Of Oz - a good witch. Yeah, right. It was not "all good." It was bad. I was dumb enough to decide to go to his apartment to "hang out." He wore long black priestly robes, and had hair dyed black.

At his apartment he showed me the articles of his "trade:" Animal feet, oils, potions, etc. etc. he had stuff for putting curses on people.

Then, my last bus left - I relied on bus service, so I was stuck-no money for a cab, it was freezing cold outside, so, being cool and unafraid, I was going to "crash" at his pad for the rest of the night. I tried to lie on a thin mattress on the living room floor and fall asleep, but there was a disturbing presence. The disturbance mounted until at last I felt something tied around my neck - something invisible, it was almost strangling me. I just lay there enduring this until the sun started to rise at 5AM and I fled his apartment.

The disturbing presence pursued me - an all too familiar experience living in Minneapolis. I called a man who was nationally reknowned as a pastor in "deliverance" ministry. He was so well known that Oprah had him on her show. I had gone to him at other times when I felt "pursued" by evil. Over the phone he prayed for me, and soon after I got off the phone - poof! The presence left. He prayed in Jesus' name.

Back to Harry Potter. The details of the lessons in the school in Harry Potter showed the same practices as the man I met. I have also heard about various elements involved in witchcraft from other sources. The Harry Potter stuff is all about witchcraft!

As I read the book, my mouth was dropping. How were American parents letting this stuff slide? How were they allowing this?

There's more. I put the book down and tried to go to bed. Now, before this, God had been teaching me about purging and cleansing my home to make it His sanctuary. He had directed me to dispose of all sorts of films - films with violence or ungodly sex, etc.

He even directed me to get rid of my book of Shakespeare. I realized that Shakespeare wrote stories based on Greek tragedies - PAGAN stories rooted in a belief in a fate that no one can oppose - an evil fate that you were assigned to and had no choice. It is evil. And later I will talk about what relationship this has to the girl killed in Columbine high school who was also reading Shakespeare when the boys came in and found her in the library.

God directed me to throw that literary classic - IN THE DUMPSTER.

I got rid of books, videos, CDs, and things - things with bad memories attached to them. Eventually I got rid of pictures of old boyfriends, and lots of things God directed me to be done with.

I had a godly friend come to my home and together we sprinkled the blood of the Eternal Lamb, in the form of communal wine, on all doorposts, over windows, and we poured it into the four corners of my property.

NOW, the Harry Potter book was in that sanctuary, and it suddenly revealed itself.

A horrible presence, a disturbing presence was in my home, similar to the presence that I found in that man's home years before. I couldn't sleep. I have a chandelier in my dining room. It always worked and had no electrical problems and does to this day, but on that night, the lights started to flicker. There were no storms, no power outages.

I knew I had to get rid of that book. The night wore on and it was late and I had insomnia and anxiety. I couldn't throw the book out because it belonged to this girl. At 3:00 AM it was not a good time to go to the girl's parents and return the book.

But I did return it to her. I drove to their house, placed the book in a paper bag, and left it on their front step. The next day i told them I was driving by, but it was late, so I decided to leave it there so I wouldn't forget to bring it another time.

People, get a clue. Harry Potter is some way of making witchcraft kid-friendly. It is so diabolical, yet the door has been flung wide open. Titanic ahead.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I got a victory in that home. Before my teaching ended, I walked into the girl's home one day and noticed that the dark, ugly presence had gone. Jesus had walked into that house.

Earlier on, one day as I was about to leave one day, the girl suddenly started telling me about a church they had gone to out East - how dead it was - just a joke! Thus we have it! The motive - they reason the door had been opened to the devil - the failure of organized church.


Trailady said...

SCARY!! I've studied into a lot of stuff, but sorcery is one thing I completely avoid. There are real forces at work there and they are not to be trifled with. Good for you getting rid of that book.

David said...

No doubt, the devil is real. Just the more reason to find in Jesus a real friend and Person. You are right by saying we have a Titanic just ahead of us. A real emergency. Its time to pray and work our prayers as coworkers with Jesus like you were with that girl. Working with people, young and old, like Jesus showed us. If you hadn't stepped in, where would that girl be today? Caught in the dismal darkness of unbelief. Thanks for your encouragement.

Gabrielle Eden said...

david - thanks I haven't a thing to alert me to a comment and just stumbled on this.

you have an anointing, and thank God for that. You are comforting.

Draconic Lord said...

I must say that maybe you are blowing this Harry Potter thing out of hand. Firstly, what did you think Harry Potter was about? He goes to a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thats quite a clue there that this book may offend some readers.

It is true that JK Rowling is a Wican (a religion that has similar believes has the ancient Driuds), but what we all most remember, this is fiction after all. The things in the books, whilst loosly based on some of the beleives of the writer, are mostly fiction.

Being a scholar of Pagan history, I have looked into and studied many forms of witchcraft, both white and black. And whilst the books do bring these areas into light, these things are primarily harmless.

Remember, most children are smart enough to know the difference between reality and fiction.

Gabrielle Eden said...

It is frightening that JK Rowling is a Wiccan. Why do those who love righteousness want to read the imagination of a Wiccan? Is imagining fantasy evil any less harmful than writing about real evil? A book is about anything in life, real or imagined. We make it real in a book.

The question is, how can Christians desire Witchcraft in any form, real or imagined? And the effect on kids, well - imagining evil is deadly. Don't you get started with imagination when it comes to evil, prior to acting it out?

Anonymous said...

I read a comment you left on another site, which included a link to this post. I was intrigued by what you claimed and followed the link here. I was vacillating between agreeing and disagreeing at different points of your post until I got to this:

"I had a godly friend come to my home and together we sprinkled the blood of the Eternal Lamb, in the form of communal wine, on all doorposts, over windows, and we poured it into the four corners of my property"

You don't think this ritualistic cleansing of your house is a form of witchcraft? If you had asked God to protect you and your home by His Spirit, that would be one thing. In my opinion, you're using a familiar spirit to protect your house.

Just my two and a half cents.

Gabrielle Eden said...

How can applying the blood of Jesus to your home be witchcraft? We are following Rev. 12:11 which says that they 'overcame by the blood of the Lamb.' We are just taking seriously the need to apply Christ's blood over the house to protect it from evil. What bizarre thinking people have who equate such things with witchcraft, which is diametrically opposed to the blood of Christ, since it invokes the power of Satan.

Gabrielle Eden said...


Would you also think of taking the body and blood of Jesus in the ritual of communion as witchcraft?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, just letting you know: JK Rowling is not and has never been a Wiccan. That's based off an article published in The Onion (a SATIRICAL website) which has been forwarded over time and erroneously thought of as true. She's in fact, a presbyterian. Also, Harry Potter is ripe full of Christian allegory if you actually tried to exercise your brain while reading it. It really is..... harmless fiction. The "witchcraft" in it isn't even real, if you couldn't tell... A lot of it is gibberish, or simply Latin words.

Gabrielle Eden said...

JK Rowling has never been a Wiccan - Anonymous (needs to cloak identity) you are so deceived