Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tale of the Twin Cities - parting shots

Minneapolis/St. Paul, that is.

The Mary Tyler Moore house in Februrary of 2006. There it sits - abandoned and neglected. How symbolic! Our one claim to fame - The Mary Tyler Moore show - too embarrassing. It was too embarrassing to be a sweet, innocent place, the midwest, and perhaps naive. Oh no, in the 25 years since this house stood strong and well, there has been a gradual neglect, or even concerted attempt to ignore the values that made the midwest - the farm communities run down by mass farming, the small towns strangled by economic deprivation, and overun by an infiltration of drugs. And greed! Greed got a hold of Minnesota and everything that goes with it.

A faith-free church. I can't believe I actually went to this church years ago! There is a denomination called Free-Lutheran (which makes no sense cuz they aren't free) and so it's various churches have names followed by free-Lutheran. But like so many dissonent and illogical things about the organized church, don't these geniuses see that the name on their church actually ends up saying, literally "faith-free" "grace-free" "love-free" and the like? Achhhh! Stupidity.

So it is also symbolic. There is hardly a city in America with more religion, a church on every street corner, and most of them Catholic - pointing up the simple reality of the law-based mentality that fosters most evils of this town.

Here are the present day Twin Cities' claims to fame:
More than once named the murder capital of America, since 1996, with a prevalent spirit of hate!
Known by many as the witchcraft capital of the USA
More reported cases of incest exist within Minnesota than anywhere else in the country.
Possibly the largest homosexual community in America, rivaling San Francisco

Hate, perversion, witchcraft - the atmostphere is weighted with the demonic. I plow through depression, despair, a feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness, sometimes feel suicidal, and fight fear constantly. I am also constantly overwhelmed by the voice of condemnation, a sense that I am damned, never good enough and pressure to make up for it. Also, in general, it has been noted numerous times by outsiders: Minneapolis has a severe lack of sense of humor.

Can you imagine the implications of being the witchcraft capital? That means there are congregations, covens, whatever where they worship Satan! And there is more! It also means there are human sacrifices, as well as sexual abuse, child abuse, animal abuse and animal sacrifice. That is not to mention astral projections and curses, etc. Oh I forgot- and cannibalism.

Yet, the city is washed clean of it, so you can't see it! Just like Satan who disguises himself as light. It comes out here and there, but again gets covered up.

( I just get too depressed relating incidences to you of my own encounters with it.) Minneapolis was rated the number one city to live in, in America, by this one source that rates cities on 44 points - good schools, good parks, etc. What a joke!

Did Lot notice when his city was getting morosely evil and hopeless? Or did he tell himself, "I got good real estate, I have a good job here," because he had to be dragged out.

Driving away from the city, the spirits that were overwhelming lift. I spent a long time like in the Truman Show, never realizing that it was within the political forces of Minnesota and the midwest that so many oppressive forces were at work. I finally left and spent months away. I found many other places had a sweeter spirit and atmostphere, and at the same time, some places had oppression too. But none rival the atmostphere of the Twin Cities.

So, you don't think the place you live determines a large part of your thoughts, feelings, actions? You have no idea.

I have just sold my house here in Minnepolis and am leaving. These are my parting shots, and my parting thoughts.

As a native of Minnesota, having grown up in a small town north of Minneapolis, I have tears for Minnesota. But, like the song that just happens to be playing on the radio at this synchronous moment, "a hard rain's gonna fall." That was Bob Dylan of course - a native of Minnesota, a place he too felt totally out of place and was practically thrown out. A hard rain, or worse is gonna fall, Minnesota because your people are sick- sick to the bone!

I finally understood what Jesus was saying about our home towns. Even Jesus - the son of God in the flesh was not "recognized" by his native homedwellers as more than the carpenter's son. They couldn't see Jesus for who he was because of the natural person he had been. The result: no faith. They couldn't see, they couldn't believe. And His power - even God in the flesh, was reduced to almost nothing!

How much more for us, then, sinners who were redeemed with Jesus living inside us? For us, home spells out disaster. See, we're not supposed to live our lives seeking our safety, our pleasure, our comfort. Home is all about that. It's familiar. it's safe. It's easy. It's cushy!

And what adventure we miss out on - the adventure of the faith life and the crucified life. See, there is a resurrection after the death that we go through - the death of the cross. There is a fantastic life behind that. It's why Jesus said "he who loses his life for my sake will find it." He meant this! so, I've been learning how to lose my life!

See, it wouldn't be so bad living here in Minnesota if I felt I was making some difference. But I finally realized that no matter what I did, no matter what angle, I was not going to be received by the people of this place. I find myself powerless here and fall easily into unbelief.

I know now where Satan lives. And I know that hell is not going to be hot - it's going to be very very cold!

Don't get me wrong. I know some beautiful people here, some of whom I will miss, but I'll return to visit relatives so I'll see them again. I want to honor those who keep their beautiful spirits in the midst of this darkness. And i want you to know I love the people of Minnesota, and the things I've mentioned break my heart.

Just because of what Satan has done here, I expect God to do amazing things we have never seen here to counter that. but for now, it's...

Goodbye, Minnesota.


DzziLzzi said...

God has not been in those church buildings for a looooong time. Nor has he been invited,in fact, He has probably been asked to leave.
Gabrielle, there is an excellent Christian radio program (in California)that recently went online.
It is The Paul McGuire Show
if you are on fire now....
I don't know what time it is on in Minnesota, oh! you are leaving Minnesota but try to catch the program. God Bless!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you- and thanks for reading this post. I wasn't sure what anyone would think - it's kind of therapy for me!

I'll try to catch that show. I'll be closer to California - Arizona. And I'm going to Mexico to learn Spanish.

I rewrote this post a bit since you wrote.

DzziLzzi said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read your re-post. It is true, you can feel the opression in the "dark" places and it is so sad that it gets the best of us if even for a moment This reminds me of a place I used to work in. I felt it immediately when I walked in the door. Soon, I was crying,depressed and "being attacked" by the people who worked with me. I do not hide my Christianity. One day I said enough is enough! I got some olive oil in a little bottle, asked the Lord to bless it. And went to work early that morning putting oil on the doors, and on the most disturbed patients praying as I went. Soon after that I started a prayer group with the shift leaving and the shift coming on. I know that is why I was sent there.
Wow! Arizona is going to be a change for you from the freezing snow to the hot dry desert. But it is beautiful and we will be practically neighbors. He he.
You have a beautiful way of writing, expressing your self. I wish I could do that. I will continue to read your posts because I can relate to so much of what you say.
Have a blessed day!

Lacking Latin said...

read it, for the record.

I've read alot of your blog. I disagree with some of it, but you remind me alot of my grandmother. If she had a blog, I'd let you know.

For the record, my grandmother has been a missionary to over 15 nations. She and my mom call themselves (somewhat distrubingly to me, but humorous) queen warrior and princess warrior.

Hope the next place you live is a little less opressive.


David said...

I'm sorry you have to leave your homeland. You haven't been the first to do so. Don't think you were a failure. What you've done will have its harvest which you will see it one day. As it is written, "The children which thou shalt have...shall say again in thine ears, The place is too strait for me: give place to me that I may dwell. Then shalt say in thine heart, Who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children and am desolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? and who hath brought up these? Behold, I was left alone; these, where had they been?" Is. 49:20,21.

We never know the full extent of our influence.

Gabrielle Eden said...

To all- such supportive words....!

Maybe we'll meet up someday, dzzillzi.

Timothy - it's not that I want to exalt myself - it's just that in this present world, the one thing we need most is to become warriors - male or female, because "our adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy." My power is only Christ's power, not my own - but WE NEED TO KNOW that in His spirit, we can have such power. I suppose that is what your relatives mean too, I don't know.

Yes, because I am not in His will being here, anyplace I go, where He leads, will be better. God has appointed someone, somewhere for this overwhelming task.

DzziLzzi said...

WoW! You were in California? I hope we rolled out the red carpet and the beautiful sonshine for you!
I would love that, Gabrielle! I have to warn you - I do not call myself DzziLzzi for nothing!
*Timothy- one day driving home I was asking the Lord for direction, I turned my head to see the truck next to me and there was a sticker on the window that said "CARREER SOLDIER". If you know God, there is no such thing as a ko-inky-dink. WE, as Christians, are soldiers, the war is spiritual, the enemy will not quit unless we use our weapons of warfare. 2Tim.2:12 says we will reign with Him. It sounds kinda nice, queen warrior.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Liz - you're just a lovely spirit!

jeff said...

The implication that the practice of homosexuality and witchcraft by fellow residents of your city has anything to do with your life is throughly ridiculous.

Minneapolis is a city teeming with culture - for example, we have more theatre seats per capita than any other city in the world. We're home to a well respected University. Education in our state is about the best in the country (although the funding is sadly diminishing). I could go on and on... I think Minneapolis is well on its way to becoming one of the great medium sized cities, like Austin, Seattle, or Boston.

If you want to live somewhere where everyone's just like you and shares your illogical Christian sensibilities, then I don't think any city is really the place for you. Good riddance.

Backburner said...

I lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis for 2 1/2 years. I left because I felt the people were generally unfriendly. I think the root of their unfriendliness was the general cultural isolation of the suburbs, not any particular problem with Minneapolis. I came to Chicago (whose murder rate is usually higher than Minneapolis') and have been much happier.

And if you're scared of gays influencing your spirit, Arizona or California are insane places to move. LA, San Diego, Oakland, Phoenix and, of course, San Francisco all rank higher than Minneapolis in gay couples. As for Christianity, 60% of Arizona residents are "unclaimed" by churches, compared to 38% of Minneasotans.

I guess my point is this: If you're leaving to find an area to be a missionary in, you'll likely find fertile (though more hostile) ground in Arizona and California. But if you're leaving because you feel the unChristian nature of people in your area oppressive, your problems will likely just get worse.

Alejandro "Rosarito" said...

well, well, well, i finally see your blog...
its cool and i can of fun..!!
i dont speak very good english .... jeje
and i gona keep looking in your blog..
but i well like to you take a look of my space...
its not as good of this one but you may find something... fun.
see yaa take care of u and let me now what do you do...

Gabrielle Eden said...

Can you believe it? After all I wrote and in late 2006 I'm back living in Minneapolis! With my parents! Oh well. I'm enjoying life with my folks.