Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Depressing about Dakota Fanning

This girl has some weird parents. I have been noticing her for some time. She has been in some cute movies like Charlotte's Web where she plays some appropriately cute parts, but she also appears in some disturbing movies where she has to deal with some adult subject matter she shouldn't have to. Then they came out with that line of fashions that she represents where she's being the sexy girl. And now she is in a new movie where she has to play a girl getting raped at 12. I pray for her to turn out OK, as I've wondered what all the exploitation of her career in Hollywood and her unusual upbringing will do to her. Are there any celebrities you feel led to pray for? For some reason Johnny Depp is another one I keep remembering.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gab! i saw this report from the Sundance Festival about how there is a rape scene. Sad, really sad... There is also another movie at Sundance about beastiality. Sick bunch making films aren't they. I'll join you to pray for this little girl as well.

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks, donny