Wednesday, January 31, 2007

America Still Desperately Needs God

Or did you already know this? The Sundance festival movie on bestiality made me think again about how far we are from God and leads me to think of other ways we are distant from God as well.

And I think, how long? Americans are good people,showing evidence of our Christian roots, but not good enough. We're still parched and dry, in a desert land far away from God.

Church reflects this more than many other things. The way we worship God, the way we treat God. I was making trips to Canada in desperate attempts to be a part of a church there that was having a phenomenon of the Holy Spirit being poured out. People were getting touched by God in various ways and were coming from all over the world to be there. I had to be there too. The Holy Spirit put a cushion between people that made dealing with people sweeter, I noticed. My own encounters with the Holy Spirit were life changing.

It was costing me every bit of an inheritance and I didn't care. I learned there that one was to treat God as a lover, and to be as a lover in the bedroom with God (don't get grossed out, it's just an analogy) and desire Him. Then the product of that love, a child (i.e., a ministry, service), will come just as naturally as anything and as effortlessly as anything. How few Americans understand this. Americans understand striving, doing, achieving, grabbing, earning. They don't understand being pursued by the lover and the receiving what is not earned.

Revival comes this way, I believe, and is being found by those who have no power in the world. This is a very important point. They have little power or money. Canadians, for example. Their economy is.....sacked.

Anyway, I desire this for America. I have found one church in America that has taken this "fire" back to the States and has carried the vision: River of Life in Raleigh, North Carolina with Dave and Ina Newell. I have visited them and stayed with in the pastor's home and they are as good as they seem! They are the few Americans I know on the same page with me. They have visited this church in Canada a lot too. The name of the Canadian church is Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.


Kev said...

Food for thought:

America doesn't need God...
Americans need God.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hmmmm, ok, interesting