Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jesus and Orgasms

Now I have your attention! Just as Christianity was a continuation of the elevation of women in our society (from Judaism), it also was a continuation of the idea of men giving pleasure to their women as much as getting pleasure during sex (from Judaism).

It is in Islamic based cultures where women are forced to have their body part that gives an orgasm removed so they may have no orgasms, and it is in Christ-based cultures where women are encouraged to have an orgasm. As I understand it, orgasms even help the conception process. I thank God for the men of the West who want their women to enjoy sex along with them, and pray for the men of the East who shun this.

I have always had a strong sex drive. Unfortunately, I've only experienced sex outside of God's plan. I've been frustrated and gone ahead and had sex outside of marriage, as I had no one to get married to. Therefore, I cannot preach about divine sexuality as one who has joined together in holy matrimony and been joined together with another person sexually, while also joined to God as it ought to be. But I thank God for his gift of sexuality to women as well as men, and his gift of orgasms. God saw that it is good!

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