Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm going under the knife Monday morning, Feb 12th, so pray for me. I'm getting my claw toes straightened and my heel re-aligned.
Pray for the surgeon - to be guided by God -
no mistakes, clear mind, good success
Easing of the pain
Good recovery

I had hoped for, believed for a wild miracle, a Smith Wigglesworth miracle of complete restoration of my foot, and this surgery will still not prevent God from doing that. But 8 years have passed and the pain has been killing me and I can't bear to walk on my foot this way any longer, so...under the knife I go.
and pray I won't go mad while I have little or nothing to do, esp. without the internet
see you when I return!


Anonymous said...

We will definitely keep you in our prayers. Hope you have lots of good books. The other thing that you need would be a good crossword puzzle book; I couldn't be laid up that long without crosswords to pass some of the time. Post again as soon as you can so we know how you're doing.


Gabrielle Eden said...

OK, will do

Kev said...

i hope eveything went well and that you can walk the straight and narrow path

Trailady said...

Gabrielle, I hope you will be feeling better very soon. Keep us posted on your recovery!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks you guys. Kev, you're funny.