Saturday, February 10, 2007

SOI COWBOY, Bangkok, Thailand

Pictured:  Jim and Judy Larson, the heart of this ministryAnd Cup of Cold Water Ministries. This is a ministry in Asia that focuses on mainly women and children. This is one of those "tires meets the road" kinds of ministries, where Christians are exactly where the needs of people are. Dan Hennenfant, head of Cup of Cold Water, writes about his experience in Bangkok, Thailand.

"I was walking through the street of Bangkok, Thailand with Servantworks missionary Jim Larson. Cup of Cold Water Ministries and ServantWorks have been partnering since Jim and his family moved to Bangkok in 2004. We were on our way to the famed Soi Cowboy (Cowboy Street) where prostitution is rampant. Soi Cowboy is the core area of the city that earns Bangkok the dubious title of "Sex Capital of The World." That is where Jim's wife Judy and others minister to the girls who work in the bars and look for "dates." We had not yet reached Soi Cowboy when we were solicited by a couple of girls who were 'freelancing.' That's when I saw Jesus. He looked like Jim Larson, but I'm sure it was Jesus. He stopped and talked to the girls in their native language and soon we wre hearing their stories. One girl, Thom, said that this was her first time "working" like this. Her son broke his arm and she needed money, about $200, to pay the bill. We left her a number to call in the morning if she needed help.

Mani, Jim's outreach worker met with Thom the next day, and learned that she was telling the truth. A few evenings later we prayed with Thom. Now she is one of the "Women of The Well." The bill is paid and she is growing towards Christ. That night I saw Jesus working in Bangkok. "

 The missionaries are real and here is an opportunity for you to go on a missions trip if you would like to get to know these people and join up with them at some point. You could ask for their mailer.

I just got a comment from a reader who has some pictures: Bill Graver
Go figure! He's been there and has worked with the same folks at "The Well" Servantworks is the name of the subtitle for the ministry, and you can look that up - cool!

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