Tuesday, February 06, 2007


JEESH! It was minus 17 yesterday morning! You can't live in Minnesota and believe in global warming, I'm sorry. I was thinking that global warming was real, just a little while ago, when it was a little too balmy here for our own good, late into November. But suddenly - it's a deep-freeze. My mother is hilarious, giving a play-by-play account of the weather - "they say it's going to be the coldest today, and then it will warm up the rest of the week, getting to zero today." I can almost bear the weather because she is one step ahead of it, but basically, am longing for the Southwest most of the time. Just get to thinking you seem to have to put up with extremes everywhere - in the Southwest it gets to 120 degrees - too hot then on the other hand. And in other places the humidity just about kills you.


kingdavid said...

I absolutely loved the scene in Fargo where a sheriff is talking with a farmer; they're both wrapped up in parkas and huge fur hats, standing out in the cold. One of them say's to the other something like--I hear there's a cold front moving in.

Yah, you betcha. It's cold out dere.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Glad to be sharin' it with another Minnesotan! Makes it half bearable.