Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Milk as a Creamer

There are some blessings I do have to be thankful for in life such as this great friend that I've had for maybe 17 years now, named Dominick. We have never even held hands as it has been platonic for all this time. We have a running joke between us. We get together often for breakfast,as we both love breakfast food, and we both love to have coffee with milk as a creamer instead of cream. It's not the caloric content so much, it's just that milk tastes better. So, one of us will always ask the waitress for milk as a creamer and turn to the other and laugh, since we've been doing this for..ever.

Here is a scenario I thought of with Dominic in a cafe, based on an experience we had in one cafe where they wanted to charge for the milk(!):

He orders coffee, and tells waitress
“I want milk as a creamer.”
She says “Oh, yes, we have cream”
“No, I want milk instead of cream,”
“OK – you want a glass of milk?”
“No, I want milk to use as a creamer in coffee instead of cream”
“Ok, let me ask my boss how much for that.”
She comes back and says, "It will cost 30 cents for a small mini pitcher of milk(!)" (it may take 3 of those for all the coffee.)
Dominick says,“but cream is more expensive than milk!”
“Oh, so you want cream then?”
“No, you give the cream for free so the milk shouldn’t cost more!”
“Sir, we don’t serve milk as a creamer, it costs for the adjustment."
"Ok, bring me milk anyway then."
"Alright, milk then."
She brings the coffee, and next to it, a bowl of little containers of cream. When the bill comes, she has charged him an extra 30 cents for milk.

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Kev said...

I wish people would just be more flexible. A good waitress/waiter would of just said no problem and put some in a small cup.