Thursday, January 18, 2007

Question Mark Over...

A 16 year old blogger who was coming on my site said he questioned Walmart way back when I said I liked Walmart, and now I've seen the Frontline special asking if Walmart is good for America and I have to answer, maybe not. See, I wrote a post saying how I liked Walmart and while traveling all over, Walmart has been such a comfort to me. In every smaller town, Walmart has been this beacon of light - definitely a place to turn to for an oil change if nothing else, and a fun place to shop, with some good deals.

But there have been so many questions raised about the place. The boy mentioned the fact that was brought up in the special about relying on young Chinese who work for 50 cents an hour to manufacture products for Walmart, and I've heard about the low wages for their employees. So, a savings goes to us, the consumer, but a huge profit goes to the few on the top.

Recently I've heard about stringent rules about getting late, even in bad weather or getting fired. And the special talked about putting Rubbermaid and an American TV manufacturer out of business. They have forced other businesses to follow them to try to keep up the pace, but in a cut-throat way. They have mowed down small town businesses. They are like a big bulldozer. They are greedy and too powerful. The facts about them are kinda scary.

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