Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In Defense of My Generation

My 46 year old friend is seeking to repair her life now through her commitment to the Word of God. I believe she will find restoration.

We were lambasted, we were hunted down. She suffers from that.

When I was but 13, hanging out with a more "worldly", daring friend I went to a party in my hometown out at the edge of town, outdoors, and some strangers came and handed us "doobies" which were supposed to be marijuana - you know, that "safe," innocuous drug.

We both took a drag. What happened after that proved it had to be something much stronger and far more dangerous. Hash? Possibly, it was laced with "angel dust." My friend and I both started to halluncinate back at her father's ranch. Later we related the details of our hallucination to each other and learned that the sights, sounds and feelings were exactly the same.

Only 5 years later she and I both experienced a mental episode that her father termed "manic-depression." She went on medication and I went to Jesus, via my mother, who brought me to faith healers who practiced "deliverance" ministry. I was set free, but not until I had a few more episodes.

You may say there was no relationship but I know there was. It is no coincidence that after an era when people were "blowing their minds" by taking hallucinogens, "just to see what would happen" (like total idiots) that we came up later with numerous cases of mental illness and lots of talk about it. I know people who clearly took hallucinogens in their youth and ended up on psychiatric drugs years later.

When I was 14, still under the protection of my father and mother, my father a minister, living in a safe, small midwestern town, I looked out at a world going insane.

Woodstock happened that year, and people were just throwing away their restraint in all areas. People were suddenly having sex all over the place, and popping strange pills, and smoking strange sticks.

People tried to pass doobies that were "laced" and there were people who tried to put "fancy colors" into my jello, as an example. I hung out with the wrong people, obviously, but there were devils loosed from hell all of the sudden.

The early sixties was lovely, and perhaps the perfect time in American history. I had role models such as Hayley Mills in "That Darn Cat." I remember Sundays were quiet, so quiet, and so peaceful. I could walk downtown to the drug store fountain or to the movie theater. I watched Sidney Poitier in "To sir With Love" and lots of those awesome disney films with Hayley Mills. Life was sweet. Small towns in America thrived. Children had the life they deserved in an American small town. Satan has tried to destroy that with mass farming, and economic destruction of the small town, taking the life of the small towns away, forcing families to move to the city where they miss the good life, where they have the pressures of losing their values.

We were progressing. I never felt that a woman couldn't do anything she wanted.

But we had values. We had dignity. Suddenly, the explosion of the 60's blew out into our faces and people were going nuts. I can honestly say it was terrifying. I am not happy that I had to begin my life as a woman at this time, that I had to sort out my life in this atmosphere. And since that time, we have been ruled by the insanity of that movement - it is what continues today. We have lost it. We have lost our minds.

What was happening as a natural progression now became extreme obsessions such as women's "liberation." Now hate and revenge and impatience were ruling.

I hate that bumper sticker that says, "Feminism is that radical notion that women are people." I want a bumper sticker that reads: "FEMIMISM IS THE RADICAL NOTION THAT WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW WOMEN ARE PEOPLE." Gaaawwwwwl....ishy lezzy radicals.

How will we retrieve a life worth living in the face of all this?

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