Monday, October 24, 2005

IN HER SHOES, pg13, 2005 - the shoe fits

I saw it again, and loved it even more. I saw it with my sister. I cried mostly because I am touched by the people, the Jewish people who want to touch us with beautiful values and sentiments and bring us higher to what life should be. And here is another echo. Seems I have echoes with Jews, with the Jews who embrace and affirm true life.

It confirms the insights that Gabrielle Brown was writing about in her book "The New Celibacy" that I talked about in "conclusion to The Real Don Juan."

Wow! Sexual intimacy was being used like a cure for not having the real love in one of the sister's lives.

Once she found the kind of love and intimacy of loving family, she was "cured" and began to seek a higher form of intimacy and friendship.

The movie shows two sisters who have an unbreakable bond, and also depicts Greg Behrendt's profile of how a man and woman relationship ought to be. The man pursues the woman because he has no doubt she is "it" and she doesn't have to step in and proove it like no one on earth but she can make someone love her.

The movie shows us what love should look like - and shows that when a man and woman find each other, it brings together families, not just two people.

I wept over the beauty of values that Jewish people keep alive, as we Christians also strive to keep alive, and how our hearts beat as one.


Just A Human said...

Well Eden,

Let me give you an instance and the analogy.
Take the case in the book here. The man lives three miles up-town. It is bitter cold, snowing hard, midnight. He is about to enter the horse-car when a gray and ragged old woman, a touching picture of misery, puts out her lean hand and begs for rescue from hunger and death. The man finds that he has a quarter in his pocket, but he does not hesitate: he gives it her and trudges home through the storm. There--it is noble, it is beautiful; its grace is marred by no fleck or blemish or suggestion of self-interest.

The other perspective:
Can you put yourself in the man's place and tell me what he felt and what he thought?
Easily. The sight of that suffering old face pierced his generous heart with a sharp pain. He could not bear it. He could endure the three-mile walk in the storm, but he could not endure the tortures his conscience would suffer if he turned his back and left that poor old creature to perish. He would not have been able to sleep, for thinking of it.

What was his state of mind on his way home?
It was a state of joy which only the self-sacrificer knows. His heart sang, he was unconscious of the storm.
He felt well?
One cannot doubt it.

Very well. Now let us add up the details and see how much he got for his twenty-five cents. Let us try to find out the REAL why of his making the investment. In the first place HE couldn't bear the pain which the old suffering face gave him. So he was thinking of HIS pain--this good man. He must buy a salve for it. If he did not succor the old woman HIS conscience would torture him all the way home. Thinking of HIS pain again. He must buy relief for that. If he didn't relieve the old woman HE would not get any sleep. He must buy some sleep--still thinking of HIMSELF, you see. Thus, to sum up, he bought himself free of a sharp pain in his heart, he bought himself free of the tortures of a waiting conscience, he bought a whole night's sleep--all for twenty-five cents! It should make Wall Street ashamed of itself. On his way home his heart was joyful, and it sang--profit on top of profit! The impulse which moved the man to succor the old woman was--FIRST--to CONTENT HIS OWN SPIRIT; secondly to relieve HER sufferings.

Is it your opinion that men's acts proceed from one central and unchanging and inalterable impulse, or from a variety of impulses? Then there is but ONE law, one source. Yes. This is the law, keep it in your mind. FROM HIS CRADLE TO HIS GRAVE A MAN NEVER DOES A SINGLE THING WHICH HAS ANY FIRST AND FOREMOST OBJECT BUT ONE--TO SECURE PEACE OF MIND, SPIRITUAL COMFORT, FOR HIMSELF.

Just A Human said...

Think beyond what you see... don't look at the finger admire the moon.
Don't believe in what comforts you at the moment, believe in what is true today and stands true tommorrow and forever... you will find peace. I am sure!

Life is not future tense, but it is present and is thriving for your action, make the best out of it. Break the barriers and feel free... exactly like the brid which has just learnt to fly!!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

I don't really see the point, human. Is there anything wrong with the fact that God created a universe in which things that make us happy, give us peace and rest are the things that cause another to find the same?

Isn't it good that helping and old woman would make the helper happy?

Find rest, oh human. You make of things that which there is not.

You can find a book by John Piper called "Desiring God" in which he explains that God is the ultimate pleasure. That we seek God in search of pleasure. That's OK because God made us to seek for what makes us happy, and then presents himself as the ultimate.