Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Intro and Directory

This is a new blog. I have many essays, some in progress and you may e-mail me to receive any of them if you like. There is soooo much to write about and I only recently got access to internet on a regular basis that enable me to 'ave a blog.

Essay titles:

finished, more or less -
1. observations on homosexuality
2. the tongue (a powerful weapon)
3. sexuality (mainly, scripture)
4. Ismail (an essay to encourage Arabs to believe in the love God has for them)
5. Gardening (parallels with the Christian experience)
6. Forgiveness (man's greatest lesson)
7. Black People! Listen To Me! (reinforcing positive images)
8. alchemy of music (an old custom)
9. the bible (what it is)
10. Why Do I Extol The Jew? (an essay to encourage)
11. Junior High Movies (a collection of bibles studies using hollywood movies)

Works in progress: affliction (what God really says,) survival guide for the newborn Christian

I got the pic thing resolved by using Safari instead of Explorer, since Explorer is kind of a dinosaur with Macs. But the personal photo - my identity photo I haven't resolved yet. I also want to have music with my blog.


First, the bible says that teachers are dealt with more harshly by God. I qualify on that point! WE are required to be above reproach. if we teach, God takes seriously the possiblity of leading others astray. I also take that very seriously.

Teaching is not a post in a church. It is not a man-made position. Teaching is a calling by God and as your life unfolds you begin to realize you have this calling.

Here are my credentials:
I have studied some in bible school, but very little. I have listened to many sermons in Minnesota, Canada and around the United States. I have obtained teachings by Christians all over the world through television or videos. I have gone to seminars and conferences, bible studies and church schools. I have been to church events such as breakfasts for women that include teaching. I have read numerous Christian books. I have spent time studying the bible and continue to do so. I have listened to tapes, CDS and videos by a smorgasbord of Christian leaders. I have watched numerous TV preachers including Billy Graham, Morris Cerrullo, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers and others.

In addition, i have spent thousands of dollars to visit a church in Canada that believes in the importance of soaking in the presence of God. I have soaked in His presence and learned how to "practice" his presence in my home. I have spent countless hours worshipping God with every kind of new music I can find. Sometimes I have had the privilege of worshipping corporately with those who worship Him "in spirit and in truth." I have also trained to be on a team of altar prayer helpers. I have taken classes on healing and counseling. I have received countless hours of free counseling by various very qualified members of the body of Christ- either pastors, trained counselors or lay ministers.

I have called plenty of prayer lines offered by various ministries for prayer and counsel.

This describes the training that God usually uses to trains his leaders. He does not like when we depend too much on just one ministry or teacher. He is not impressed with the credentials of man - getting a degree, getting a title, getting a "high" position. In man's "low" positions you will find God's highest - a wealth of lovers of God - one day to surface.


Just A Human said...

Your list looks great !

Anna said...

Amen, sister!

I was just browsing random blogs and came across yours. Just thought I'd say hi.


Anonymous said...

hai(namasthe) it has been great to hear frm u again i will mail u.looking forward to some one who is interested in indian movies