Monday, October 03, 2005

The Thing About My Folks, 2005, PG 13

The generation of my parents - the WWII dudes - were so sweet and innocent, and sometimes just plain naive.

But in my dad's circles - he was a pastor (yes, I am a PK - look out - many became satanists I hear) in his Christian circles, man oh man - they were virgins at the altar, it's no lie.

My dad has talked about it.

But then there's my generation - lord! Bats out of hell we were. And we pretty near screwed up the next generation, except I have met many who are wise to our generation and are mature beyond their years, no let me rephrase that - mature beyond OUR years!

Here is a classic example. I have a female friend of about 46. She loves Stevie Nicks and tries to sing like her on a guitar but sounds like a dying parrot. She never has a legitimate job, lives with people and is about 80,000 dollars in debt. She has done time, just broke up with nightmare boyfriend, and is your basic derivative of the glorious sixties influenced, psycho generation. Just the other day she called me all excited because her daughter of 22, who works fulltime while going to college, owns her own car and is engaged, bought her (mom) a car and a cellphone to tide her over for the time being! Classic!!!!! It's all good.

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Anonymous said...

namasthe(thats our indian way of greeting people)i read ur comment i want to say thanks that u took ur time out and sent a comment i read ur posts and the experience u had with age really comes up !!!!
there is a positive vibration to ur writings and its a soothing experience to mind.