Friday, May 18, 2007

Check It Out Again

I have a new visitor to my blog worth noting: Jonathan of Ambassadors of Christ.

It always amazes me the level of maturity and development of some teens. He describes himself very well in his profile on his blog. And there is another blog I have begun to visit regularly too: Roy, or "Hook" of Hooked On Grace.

He is this breathtakingly prolific writer, and man of God who is very concerned about the church and matters related to our Christian walk.


Anonymous said...

Gabrielle - wow, thank you for such kind words.

I must accept them with grace, but deflect the praise to God. I am a bum without Him. If I am able to write anything of value, it is only because of the gifting of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Again, thanks my friend...

Jonathan said...

Ditto the words of Hook ;D

Thank you for the kind, encouraging words. It's great to hear, but it's even better to know that I can honor God through some blog posts on the 'net.

Thanks again.