Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jerry Falwell?

Michael Medved praised Falwell for uniting conservatives, including Jews and Mormons, and calling them the "moral majority." I'm glad for a Jew calling attention to this and respecting him for his values. But I have to recall what bothered me about Jerry Falwell. He lashed out in judgment as if he relied on his own righteousness instead of Christ. This is what kills the message of the cross.

It said in one article that he admitted he was losing the battle for better values. But I believe he wasn't fighting with the right weapons. He didn't touch me during the 80's when I was adrift from Christ with his political Christianity.

The church still hasn't seen its day. The traditional church has been losing its battles in America, but the true church, the true body of Christ has still not fully emerged. We are still waiting for revival.

Note: Falwell was always kind of cute and plump like Santa Claus.


Jonathan said...

The world has culturally accepted homosexuality almost like a fad.

Couple that with the overwhelming message of "tolerate everyone!" (except for Christians, it seems) and you get an awful situation for Christians to speak out and be involved in.

You have no idea how many times I have heard the "but they just love each other, is that so bad?" comment. It's a difficult fight.

I do agree with your post though, when you said you would fight homophobia. We shouldn't be afraid of gays, but rather ought to reach out to them in an effort to help them. They get enough true (not intolerant) hate from other sources, so why add Christians to the list?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Since you put this comment on the Jerry Falwell post, I assume you connect what you are saying with his condemning attitude that just isn't effective in this battle. It's not effective because our own righteousness doesn't hold up.

I stand against homosexuality - it's sinful, but I don't stand in my own righteousness!

Kev said...