Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Example Of the Disease Of Radical Islam

I say radical, because I don't want to offend Nonie if she's reading (Nonie, who still wants to call herself a Muslim. OK, if she insists). But really, if you read the article on this story, this is an example of the disease of self-righteousness that pervades the deception that has become this religion. He wasn't supposed to affectionately kiss a woman, though it's his one act of non-sexual love towards an older woman, which made me think maybe this man has a chance at having a soul after all! He isn't supposed to even touch any of her skin, but she was gloved and had her skin covered, but there's still an issue! Ach! Ach!

Why? Because they are so ho-o-o-o-oly. So holy they use language such as: "This type of indecency progressively has grave consequences..." And holy people are indeed concerned about whether or not things are right and correct. And if things are wrong, they should be punished. Hats off to hilarious (and truly holy in the eyes of our God) Kingdavid who determined that this man should have his lips cut off! But he's only interpreting the law as it has been interpreted before!

You see, Nonie, the truth is that radical Muslims, because they are so deceived, actually believe in the devil. Muslims like you recognize God, our God, but Muslims like these, unreasonable, and unhealthy, do not recognize the true God. Being caught up in laws such as these characterize Jesus' worst enemies: the Pharisees, the Jews of his day who also didn't know the true God and who he himself said were sons of the devil.

What's interesting about this story is that Mr., ah, Mr. "A" is getting caught at his own game.

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