Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Without limbs -Nick Vujicic

You must see this to understand how a young man can live a life without limbs as a life without limits. I found him on Texas Rainmaker's blog. He was at his church. Texas Rainmaker said that Nick was recently in Indonesia, a Muslim country, speaking to a group of 350,000 people, and 80,000(!) gave their lives to Christ. He has been able to go all over, sharing the message of his love for Christ and Christ's love for him. A torso! A torso goes all over the world preaching and bringing people to Christ!

I have seen pictures of people lying on the streets of India, for example, without limbs and thought of how I want to restore them, and how horrible their situation. Nick is the perfect person to give hope to such people. While I believe it is God's perfect will to restore Nick to wholeness (because that is Christ's gospel), it is awesome what God has been able to do in and through him in the state that he is. He is an inspiration. He causes me to be drawn to the hope of heaven, because he obviously relies on that. On Texas Rainmaker's blog you will find a video of Nick doing everyday tasks.


okta said...

Yes. Nick is inspiring and bringing a new hope to Indonesia
GOD bless Nick always ^_^

Anonymous said...

I think Nick is wonderful. He fills me with hope and love. I would like to meet him.Hope we cross paths oneday