Sunday, March 18, 2007

Argentina Has Miracles

An article appeared in Christian News Source on churches in Argentina that meet in theaters - large congregations of passionate worshippers, people of faith who see miracles of healing such as healing from AIDS. It reminded me that I heard about this a while back while making visits to the church in Toronto called the "Toronto Blessing." The leaders of that church had been visiting a church in Argentina prior to the outbreak of miracles in their church in Toronto that led to throngs of people coming to visit them between 1994 and 2004, still visiting them really. I heard that if you had a physical ailment, something major - something missing, you got healed in Argentina, instantly. There is something about a collective of people of faith that brings miracles. I had always wanted to go to Argentina and find the church they were talking about but never had the money to go. I once knew the actual church but no one to make contact with there and I don't know Spanish.

In America we miss out on radical miracles because of lack of faith, prosperity that causes us to rely on doctors and man instead of God, and pride that says that good can't come from somewhere else such as Argentina or even Canada. I brought a friend from the States to the Canadian church and she couldn't get a blessing from it because she didn't want to believe that something so good was happening in Canada and not in America, so it seemed.

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