Sunday, March 25, 2007


In their defense, I have to say that though God is not using them in my life now, that He has used them in the past and for good. Joyce Myer, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, TBN's Paul and Jan Crouch, and locally, Mac Hammond. They have all had good teaching that I have thrived on for a period of time and learned a lot from. There was a time when I watched Joyce and Benny almost every single morning. I don't agree with their materialism at all, but I can't discount the ways that they have been used in my life. I have given small amounts of money here and there, but caution against giving money to them.


Trailady said...

I'm not huge into televangelists- simply because of the extravagent lifestyles they lead while little old ladies on welfare send them money. I do think they have some good to share- just can't get past their love for money & fame.

I LOVE Joyce Meyer and didn't realize she was on TV. Her book 'Approval Addiction' is awesome!! :o)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Joyce is one of them with the big bucks - she has huge revenues, I guess.