Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Shouldn't Apologize For Saying "Immoral"

I was impressed by General Pace's clear cut message about homosexuality(ABC News), saying that he thought it was immoral, and that he thought it didn't belong in the the military for that reason, just as adultery didn't belong there. Some gay activists have called for an apology, but that is so twisted. Should you apologize to someone for telling them it is immoral to commit adultery, if they are in adultery? You apologize as if you have injured them, when the opposite is true? You have told them it is immoral as a way to keep them from injuring themselves - you have done the only kind thing there is.

I am so refreshed by General Pace's strong stand and hope that he can stand strong against any "politically correct" homosexual agenda.


kingdavid said...

He's already starting to cave a little bit. I don't know why these public figures make these statements and then back off. They know the uproar will follow; and when it does they should stand their ground. All it does is positively reinforce the pc bozo crowd. There's nothing to apologize for, and he's only expressing sentiment that billions of other people on the planet feel as well.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I guess it's the pressure, right?

FallenAngel said...

Who you love or are sexually attracted to has absolutely nothing to do with serving your country or fighting for freedom. It has to do with religion - whose issues should be completely separate from government. There are homosexuals that have died for your freedom of speech. Sending boys to their death for oil is so much more horrific than who anyone chooses to be intimate with. The problem lies in your insecurities.

Your Bible says that god loves homosexuals too. Maybe you should follow his example.

You can not regulate morality or decide what morality is to someone
else. If you don't believe in homosexuality, don't live that way.

There are boys dying for oil.

Priorities please.

I feel sorry for you. You too King David (isn't that a humble name). For all of you condescending, finger-pointing christians. More lives have been taken in god's name than for any other reason. Now that is the definition of IMMORAL.

Please, please throw the first stone.

FallenAngel said...

And apparently "King David" isn't brave enough to make his blog or profile public. What was that about making statements and then backing off?


Gabrielle Eden said...

fallenangel - kingdavid's blog is public! not sure what you mean. must have been an error when you tried to pull up his blog.

you twist concept of love. love is saying when there is immorality and making a stand - that was my point. God's love is in hating sin - hard to comprehend?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Don't come on here and blast people in a negative manner. Is it because you don't like what is being said? This is a place for expressing what we believe. If you don't like it you don't have to visit.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Who you love or are sexually attracted to has a lot to do with what goes on behind closed doors, and you are behind closed doors with other people in the military and it is disruptive and distracting/counterproductive to have un solicited and un desired sexual attractions and advances going on within it. That was the point of what he was saying.

FallenAngel said...

Not trying to cause trouble. I won't visit anymore. I just have to speak up - using my right to free speech on your public forum - when I see something so incredibly wrong to me. The same way you do.

You have the right to believe and write anything you want. But so do I, especially if it is on an open blog on the world wide web. You are free to visit my space and comment also.

Thats the beauty of our rights. We are allowed to agree to disagree. Calling someone on their sin when you are not perfect just seems very unloving and not christian. I guess I just get tired of being around it. Its just sad that there is such a hang up with sex in this country. It really has nothing to do with any of that other stuff. Its just sex. And we are so hateful about it.

One question ... If sexual attraction is so distracting and demoralizing do you think women should be allowed in the military? They are constantly subjected to sexual attraction and advances and made uncomfortable. Should they not be there? You can't change nature.

I don't know you. I'm sure you are a nice person.

Didn't mean to "blast". Just to comment. The blasting is done on my blog.

And they do deserve an apology - and a thank you. You are still allowed to speak. As am I. Thank you to all of our soldiers.

Peace and Namaste

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dear fallenangel,

probably, the discussion would go for pages and pages, but I'd like to know, why do you identify with a "fallen angel"? And, I want to say,having sin attached to sex is a standard for myself as well as anyone else, and one that I don't find easy to live up to, by the way, and have had struggles with. In fact, I think that sexuality is a complex and volatile area of life that is very difficult to deal with, indeed.

I do sympathize with any struggles you may have with it, yet have to abide by the rule maker. I didn't make the rules.

Even though women are in the military, they don't co-exist with the men in the same way that a gay man would, and that is where the problem with homosexuality would come in. It's what is allowed to be expressed that makes the difference. Boundaries and definitions are helpful in those situations.

May you live in peace.

kingdavid said...

Fallen Angel is another classic case of a tolerant, open minded liberal who will respect the beliefs and opinions of anybody---as long as it all falls in line with her thinking.

If not, she becomes part of the screaming mob that demands apologies from people expressing their opposite opinions and beliefs.

I also beg to differ with her on the number of people killed by religion. I'm pretty sure that the number of humans killed by those with an atheistic, humanist, darwinist slant on life have killed far more people than religious people have, particularly in the last century.

I do admit that my loathing of liberal ideology tends to conflict with trying to be a true follower of Christ; I'm actually getting mellower and trying to work on that. Lord knows though, reading about the lunacy and idiocy of the left on a daily basis makes it very difficult.

I didn't realize my profile wasn't listed, it was there before. I'll have to go into the settings and find how I change that back.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Important fact: Hillary Clinton couldn't answer when posed the question "is homosexuality immoral?" She just said, "I thank all our gay and lesbian in the armed forces" or something