Saturday, March 17, 2007

Facing The Giants

NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER BACK DOWN. NEVER LOSE FAITH. I just saw this movie last night and it is staying with me because it is a movie about miracles and is a miracle itself. It got all the way from a Southern church into movie theaters and into mainstream video stores.

It's all about beating unbeatable odds through faith in Christ and God stepping in and making your dreams come true. And it makes me scream out inside: "I want to see miracles!" I want the fire to come down and consume the water! I want real miracles! I need miracles. Do you?

I'm in worse shape than this coach was. I'm more in the state of the guy in the wheelchair. And there was something prophetic about the message for me when that man was under the banner that said 'believe" and he was rooting for his son. I felt he was rooting for all of us harder cases who need bigger than life miracles and the message was "believe!"
That little movie is a major milestone!


FallenAngel said...

I wanted to comment on the abortion posts.

Abortion will always be a heated argument. Everybody thinks they are right. I was in a situation similar to yours. But I was in the middle of a divorce, had three kids already, and got pregnant by someone else who I wasn't with anymore. I know, Jerry Springerish. It couldn't have be a worse situation. What would I tell my kids? What would people say? I wasn't with either of the guys. I guess it was always an option. It would have taken the "problem" away fast. But I couldn't kill my child. And it was MY child, just like the other 3 were. And it was a product of my actions. I knew I would never forgive myself if I had an abortion, despite all the reasons to have one. So I stayed pregnant - despite my physically abusive ex who was very angry and tried to hurt me. My mother was hateful, who is a devout seventh-day adventist. I continued going to church, figuring it is the place for sinners, and people will love me cause I grew up there. I was wrong. They were hateful too. The last time I went to church, I was about 6 months along, and spent the whole service in the mother's room crying because of something someone had said about my pregnancy. I never went back. The girl's at work had a shower for me, my last night at work they decorated a patient's room, balloons, cake, presents, all a surprise - the atheist's there were more loving than anyone at church. They knew that a baby is a baby is a baby, regardless of how it gets here, and saw that I was lonely. I had the baby alone, except for another nurse/co-worker (we both work Labor and Delivery together and she didn't want me to be alone). She brought me cards to play, candy to suck on, and watched tv with me. She held my hand and helped me push, and took all the pictures. She was Jesus to me. I have never found him at church.

Ryan is 5 now. He is the most loving child. Of all my children, and I have 5 now, he is the purest. I don't know what I would do without him. It makes me sick to think I ever thought of him as a "problem." If god exists I know he loves Ryan and meant for him to be here, regardless of the circumstances. Ryan is my love, and I know I did the right thing, and it was hard. Sometimes the right thing is hard to do.

I think abortion is killing your child. And I think it is evil. That is why I couldn't do it. But I try not to be judgemental. I CAN say that I have walked in their shoes, cause I have. But I quit being judgemental about it. People are going to do what people are going to do. I have offered 3 times to take and raise the babies if my friends just wouldn't terminate them. They always did. I lost a friend over it, because I was judgemental. I've also been on the other side of it - with my first they said he would possibly have mental and/or physical deficits. My ex wanted me to abort. Before I got the results back from the amniocentesis I decided to have the baby regardless. When the results came back 2 weeks later I literally had a matter of hours to decide what to do as I was right at the cut off point where it is legal. I was pro-life up until that point. And so I also do not want some man in congress who has no idea what my life is like, or what it is like to have a handicapped baby, or have a baby at all making the choices for me. I think abortion is evil, but I think it is my choice. And if my 9 year old got raped, like a little girl here in Phoenix did a few years ago, and got pregnant, I would not make my 9 year old carry that child. I was adpoted. I have found my biological family. My mother was 19 and alone and pushed to have an abortion by everyone, including her mother. Then sent away when she didn't. She chose adoption instead, and I have to say I am happy about her choice, although I guess I would never have known. I grew up thinking I was a mistake, a product of sin. I know now that I am supposed to be here, and so are all children. She did the hard thing too.

I think in most circumstances, especially for birth control, it is the wrong choice, but it should still be a choice. This is how I feel. I don't tell anyone else how to feel. The three times my friends got pregnant I didn't just say "you are wrong" and point a finger, I offered to take the baby.

I'm sorry this is such a long comment. I know I said I wouldn't visit again. I am not here to argue or attack, I just wanted to leave a comment. I have been on all sides of it and just wanted to talk.

I think the cards are very honest, and they even kind of make me laugh (I have a really twisted sense of humor), but I think they are cruel. I can't see Jesus sending one of them. They remind me of the Pro-choicers who have huge posters of pieces of babies and force everyone to look at them. And everyone that I know that has had an abortion doesn't need any more punishment - they are very haunted.

I liked your St. Patricks Day post.


FallenAngel said...

Maybe this answers the "why do you call yourself a fallen angel" question. Among many many other reasons.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Fallen angel,

thanks for that honest comment - wow! That took some courage. You don't need to apologize for commenting. I only meant that one shouldn't comment if it is going to be too harsh, i.e., the attacks on david (his real name is david, not kingdavid.)

The cards: don't misunderstand. They aren't cards I would actually send. They are parodies underlining the reality of abortion. I am glad you agree with me about abortion being mainly wrong. I also agree with you. I am not black and white on this. In the case of rape, and incest, things like that, I don't think women should be forced to carry a child, and I realize it has been difficult to prove to authorities that this is the truth of the matter - thus, the idea of the need for abortion without the need for getting approval and consent, etc.

I just think that to be cavalier about it, to just say that it is not wrong in general, is way wrong. And this is the point of the cards, the parodies.

I know you say that the atheists were the more loving ones, but I hope you'll experience, as I have, more of the love that I have from Christians. I have never known the love that Christians have given from anyone else - it has been incredible! And love truly wins you over, doesn't it? I'm sure I don't always get my point across the best possible way, but the parodies are meant to strike a note of the permanence - that abortion is final, you know?

And yes, they were meant to be funny in an off sort of way.

I see now what you mean by fallen angel. You mean it in a humble way.

Gabrielle Eden said...
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Gabrielle Eden said...

The last comment was a dupe - a mistake. Here is what scripture says: "Love is of God, and everyone who loves is born of God, and knows God for God is love." God is the only true source of love.