Friday, March 16, 2007

Women in Emotionless Sexual Encounters? Yeh, Right!

ABC News reports that they are absolutely dead sure that young women are trading relationships for emotionless sexual encounters. What an oxy-moron: women/emotionless. And young men are saying, "more sex for me!" I'm telling you, it will never be "empowerment" for women like the feminists have lied to women. It will always come out that the men are in control of the situation, getting the casual sex that they want. It will always be that by learning casual sex, women will be giving men the "sure thing" they've always wanted, with no strings attached, no questions asked, basically playing into the "enemy's" hand - the non-committal male who wants to get what he wants from you and then wants to leave, leaving you with nothing - no life, no marriage, no home, no children, no future, no security.

The feminist lie: "Learn to be like a man. Get sex for pleasure from men, have fun, then leave. You won't lose. You can leave and have no consequences and no emotional scars."

Also, no matter what women try to do they won't change their basic nature. They won't become emotionless and detached, basically. God forbid. The way women relate won't change, basically. And attempts to make women ashamed of their basic nature are shameful themselves!

Most likely, living this way will prevent a woman from developing a deep commitment and having a lifelong partner. Most likely living this way comes from a fear of intimacy and commitment, as with men.


David said...

I couldn't agree more. God has programmed women to be what they all are, from the most agressive to the least. They are all mother hens, deeply concerned about the protection of little ones, and hugely dependent on a man. Blend that with the institution of marriage and the nuclear family and you have the happiest women alive. God also programmed men to need a woman and to be depended upon for protection and leadership. Put that in the institutions of marriage and family and you have the happiest men alive.

Its hand in glove and fits together so perfectly. Only the all-wise and all-good God could give us such a beautiful programming and relationship bent.

But it gets out of wack when the human brain is allowed to be retrained. When we don't get to experience His or some other human's self-sacrificing love toward us, then all our natural programming gets derailed. If we only see homosexuality/lesbianism, self-centeredness, and promiscuity all over the place, then we try to copy it. And its all downhill from there.

What a sad state of affairs God's people were in in the Old Testament and in the Protestants of these last days!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for sharing that, David