Saturday, April 14, 2007

Abortion Spells Out Double Standard

Partial birth abortion, or just abortion and a teen stabbing her newborn infant (even if 135 times) are in my mind no different, yet here is a frightened teen facing first degree murder charges. What a double standard. Something just goes off in my head when it comes to our judicial system hearing about this story. It reminds me of the story of Adam Bede, set way back in the early nineteenth century in England, when a pretty young girl also kills her infant, under duress. It is interesting how they convict her at this time in England, how they treat this, and to compare it to today. She is given a commuted sentence. At first she is sentenced to death, but since her lover is an aristocrat who has influence on her behalf, instead of death she is sent to Australia with other convicts.

This, by the way is a beautiful story worth reading and seeing. The British did a film version in 1992 of it that is lovely.

I thought when reading the story that surely the sentence was so harsh back then because it was pre-abortion times. Today they wouldn't see it that way. How could the sentence attached to the baby be so much harsher?

In our society, abortion is OK (and is funded by the taxpayer!) partial birth abortion is being fought for, but when a girl who is overweight comes up having a child under all her weight and in a panic stabs the baby repeatedly, she is charged with first degree murder. Wow! I just find that staggering.

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