Saturday, April 07, 2007

Now They Call Me Infidel

Why I Renounced Jihad
For America, Israel, And The War On Terror

This is a book I just finished by Nonie Darwish, an amazing Arabic woman from Egypt, daughter of a "shahid" - a martyr for jihad. She has renounced jihad as the book says, which tells so much. From her childhood she has had an independent mind.

She made her way from living with her mother who was widowed and living independent of a man, to living in America, the land of her dreams. It is great to hear what America means to someone like Nonie. You ought to hear how it is appreciated, for once - truly appreciated! She stands strong against the terrorist mindset and stands for Jews and for Israel.

She has even started a website for Jews called She speaks at colleges every where about her anti-terrorist beliefs. This book is worth reading.

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