Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Imagine The Pain

of Cho, the killer at Virginia Tech, or the pain of his relatives now after this tragedy. His parents, reportedly have been hospitalized with shock. I imagine Cho was as miserable with the things that were tormenting him, as he was ready to hurt others. His parents probably didn't raise him in a godly, loving home and he was probably isolated from godly influences. He got into the hands of American psychiatrists - whose healing "arts" are Godless - trying to heal the soul and the spirit without God. He was on an American campus, a place that is increasingly Godless.

Dennis Prager, radio talk show host, made the statement that in our society it is easy to be isolated from the conservative stream of thought but be inundated by the liberal one, but not the other way around. At the same time, it is possible to be isolated from the love of Christ and the saving message of the gospel in our society, and to be isolated from God. Oh sure, one may have heard the story of Ted Haggard or seen Jan Crouch on TV, but not really heard a heartfelt gospel message.

As the psalmist David said, "truly thou art a God who hidest thyself oh God of Israel." (passage?) Hard to understand, but Cho did not have Christ revealed to him.

He would have had more chance being exposed to the amazing wonders of people turning to God and mighty miracles in China, where thousands have been turning to Christ.

There is talk about gun control as an answer - ridiculous! More people should be carrying guns. I thought that would be the obvious answer. But aside from that, the answer is not really something that we should "do" now. There is talk about working harder to solve the problem of the rising number of mental health cases on college campuses - not an answer. The rising number of mental health cases is a symptom of a larger problem, but many don't see the problem. God help us.

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