Saturday, April 14, 2007

Apology to Nonie Darwish

You may notice her name connected to the book Now They Call Me Infidel in an earlier post. I wrote her an e-mail, as she has a website of her own called

I directed her to this blog. And after reading her book I realize that she is this amazing person. She is, at last, a Muslim who is temperate in her beliefs.

In my post Muslim Attitude Toward Dogs Says It All, I say some pretty harsh things about Muslims, but I am referring to radical Muslims - Islamo-fascists. I am referring to Muslims who are irrational and harsh themselves, intent on destroying and frustrating all those who don't fit into their belief system. Nonie is Muslim, but not one of these. I am apologizing to her because I sometimes forget that there are those who call themselves Muslim but don't fit the narrow-mindedness that I describe in that post. Although Nonie probably understands that, I just want to make that clear. I have made this new acquaintance - a meaningful one, and I don't want to mess it up.

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