Friday, April 13, 2007

Hot Cross Buns Are Too Christian For Hospital

Can we put two and two together? There are two articles referring to removing something too "Christian" today in the news, for those seeking a more secular society. One was a hospital banning hot cross buns on Good Friday and the other was the Easter bunny being renamed Peter Rabbit because it was too Christian. And it causes me to think of how many things in our world we owe to our Judeo-Christian roots, but do we know that? D. James Kennedy wrote in What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? about all the ways that Jesus and Christianity have impacted our world. Did you know that hospitals and Universities were founded in the middle ages by the church? Literacy and education for the masses? The abolition of slavery? Modern science? The elevation of women? Inspiration for some of the greatest works of art? The list goes on.

How can we continue to enjoy the many benefits and blessings of the things God has given us if we choke the very source? Will we figure it out finally, but too late? We who enjoy the blessings the most are the ones who are denying the source the most. In third world countries where people don't have these blessings they are running "to the cross" in large numbers.

In Nonie Darwish's book Now They Call Me Infidel (see earlier post) she makes the observation that Muslims in America will say that they enjoy certain privileges and things are OK for them, but she has to show them the things they enjoy are made possible by American rights and privileges that are not guaranteed in Muslim countries and do not originate in Islam. Again she is affirming the Judeo-Christian roots and the blessings offered by them.


FallenAngel said...

No, not Jewish at all. I am Irish and American Indian, (Apache). I dye my hair, don't like grey.

I am not CHRISTIAN, I'm pagan, but I have no problem with the christian holidays and symbols in our society. Our county was founded on christian beliefs, no matter how much I disagree with christians, and therefore this is basically a christian country and I choose to live here. If I really don't like it I am free to leave. I really think people need to quit being so offended by so many things, especially cultural things. And if you are, don't live in that culture.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for replying. And you are pretty.