Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus' Racial Slur

Now this is ridiculous. Drudge Report had several items related to this story today. First, Don Imus, radio talk show host out of New York city, makes this stupid remark about the Rutger's University women's basketball team, who are black, that they are a bunch of "nappy headed hos." Of course, it was wrong. But then, there are all these reactions and repercussions. A bunch of sponsors decide to pull out of his show. MSNBC decides to drop his show.

The whole world turns against Don Imus. He's got the head of the NAACP crying that he has "violated our community." Oh come on. And what about the lyrics in rap music? What about all the "ho" words there? I can't believe a guy can make one comment and because he's white he can get pummeled to death. Now they are talking about firing him. Obama called for him to be fired. And lily white Hillary, lover of black people, said "I've never wanted to go on his show."

Then, a Pennsylvania DJ got fired for repeating the comments, or, he had people call into his show to repeat them for a "phrase that pays" contest - kind of disrespectful.

Rosie O'Donnell talked about the 'thought police' are coming, and defended Imus. She talked about freedom of speech. I agree with her. Why can't he apologize? There's all this vindictiveness over a few words. When will black people be free of the victim syndrome?


FallenAngel said...

I definately believe in freedom of speech. I should be able to say anything I want as long as it doesn't violate someone elses rights. I think though, even though we have this freedom, and it is paid with blood, that when you do it on a public level, there are consequences, whether there should be or not, and you should be prepared for them. I agree that rap music makes the same statements, without consequence. Personally, if you don't like his radio show, turn it off. Its a really simple concept. Reach over to the dial, and turn it off. Same with music or tv or movies or anything else. But he should have a right to say whatever he wants, even if everyone doesn't agree with it, and I don't agree with it. He has the constitutional right to be an idiot. We all do.

FallenAngel said...

Have you heard Tom Leykis? He evokes a mad reaction in me everytime I listen to him (although the more I listen to him the more I agree with him on alot of things). I get very defensive. But thats where I have the power to turn the radio off. I have victim mentality too.

FallenAngel said...

I meant "HATE", not have victim mentatlity. Talk about a Freudian slip. Sorry.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I'm glad you agree with the freedom of speech. I feel suffocated with all the freedoms we seem to be losing.

kingdavid said...

fallenangel: I think the crux of the problem is in the second sentence of your first comment: "as long as it doesn't violate someone elses rights."

Just what does that mean? Do people have the "right" not to be offended? Is it a person's "right" to sue someone because they have a different opinion from you.

I have a hard time grasping how someone's rights can be violated by words. Actions I can understand, but not words.

That's the scary thing about what's going on in the world today by legislatures in multiple countries. They're legislating what a person can say, and totally negating the whole concept of freedom of speech.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I think that you can get into trouble with words whether you like it or not. You try not to wound with words, but sometimes either you make a mistake or you can't avoid hurting someone. Like fallenangel says, a person can choose to ignore or turn something off - but they didn't choose to do that in this case. They chose to be victims.