Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beta IS Betta

Now, can you see? I have pics for my profile and colors that I wanted in the background. I still need to learn how to customize the background more.

I've been able to personalize this blog so much more!

The only problem I'm encountering is that when I put a pic in a post I can't move it to a new spot in my post. I can't click and drag it because the page won't scroll while I'm trying to drag it.

All the other problems have been resolved.

I still want the music thing, but one thing at a time.

My music choice for this interim would be a couple of tunes by Third Day. I have discovered Third Day as the most prolific of musicians, making song after song that speaks my heart! I haven't even downloaded everything that I love of theirs yet. No matter which secular artists I enjoy, such as Snow Patrol, the contempo Christian ones reign in my book.


kingdavid said...

Looking good. It's quite a difference from the first time I visited. Like each of us and our own personalities, it will always be a work in progress.

hammerswing75 said...

The new look is much better. I'd be wary of adding the music though. It really slows down the time it takes to load your page.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks you guys.

Kim and Chris said...

Gabrielle, Thanks for your recent comment. I did just post my first blog in a couple of months just yesterday. I've just been REALLY busy, and I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't had time to blog! I also finally got around to adding your link to my 'Friends' Blogs' listing on my site.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Scott Bonnell said...

I agree Beta is cool!

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks kim and Chris!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hey Scott, wassup? Hey everyone, be sure to check out Scott's website,