Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sexual Schizophrenia

Oh my g_d! I just cannot believe what is happening to kids in our society and the confused messages they are getting.

How, in a sex permeated society, do we explain to children that they are sexually harassing other kids by touching them in certain ways that they don't even perceive as sexual, while crowning an underage, sexually promiscuous and perverted woman as our own representative? (Miss USA)

I just read an article in Townhall by Dennis Prager about a kindergartener being slapped for sexual harassment. He pinched a girl's butt! He will have it on his record until middle school?! What kind of schizophrenic madness is that? We then teach our children about sex by starting out telling them that they are being sexual when they didn't even know it?

This is too too scary. And there was another article in Townhall by a woman talking about how feminism was supposed to teach women how to be empowered by their liberated sexuality. She mentions pagan women who would put the moves on young men instead of the other way around. Don't they see that this further empowers men?

I look around and say, "it's more of a man's world than ever!" Men are thrilled that women are being liberated to fully explore their sexuality. That means more free sex with no strings attached for them, the dream of every man in his wild, unbridled state. Women have been a civilizing force. The women of my mom's generation (WWII) were in control because they demanded that their men marry them, and that they "buy the cow."

So, we lose that civilizing force, and we lose civilization!

I can just see men of today with a wry smile, an unseen smile curling their lips as they muse, "more sex for me!" But while there is more sexual freedom, there is more paranoia about sexual harassment. It's schizophrenic.

Add to this an article in ABC news about a 17 year old getting 10 years in prison for oral sex with a 15 year old because she cried "rape."

So, girls think they are getting some new freedom and that they are in control, like pagan women, when they are playing right into the hands of men who want control.

I am terrified for our girls and our young men. What is going to happen after this? I am totally ashamed at us for taking such a morally confused woman as our "Miss USA"

Also, I know from studying pagan society and religion, a little, that while a few women had power and solicited sex from men, most of the women were subjugated by these women to a low state, a slavish state, and men still had a lot of power.

I used hammerswing75's photo and I hope he doesn't mind. By the way, everything on my blog is fair game for anyone. You can use my jokes - whatever.

I even put business ideas on here from time to time, and expect someone will take one and use it. Before blogging I had these big ideas about selling my essays, some of which are on here, or my business ideas, and then got wind of how much is offered for free on the internet and I thought, "what the hey(?), join the party!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Gab! I read that article about the five year old too. It's sad but true that our society is turning out this way but what do you expect in the age of political correctness...

Throw up some business ideas that you have. Love to see them!

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas!!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

same to you Donny and to all!

Trailady said...

Yes, very true. What I don't get is that we teach kids they are just monkeys and provide them with condoms so they can have sex because "we can't expect them to control those teenage hormones", yet when they burst into a school and commit acts of violence, we wonder why they can't behave? We're sending mixed messages to say "Go ahead and lose your virginity, but don't ever lose your tempers."

Gabrielle Eden said...

Good point trailady.

hammerswing75 said...

It is sad for both girls and boys. Believe it or not boys crave the structure that tough rules provide. It puts acceptable limits on what we're supposed to do. Minus those limits we have to do it ourselves and oftentimes what you end up with are metrosexuals who have given up too much. It's confusing for boys and it can prevent them from growing into real men.