Monday, December 04, 2006

I Voted For Good Looking!

I don't know if you've noticed, but you could vote Republican simply because you wanted to vote for the best looking people. Theory why Republicans are better looking: they aren't blown about by every wind of every change and they aren't so openminded that their brains are falling out. Note: Sarah Durenberger's opponent not pictured because I can't remember who her opponent was, but probably not someone good looking. Pictured: Kerry-DFL, President of the United States George W Bush-GOP, Mike Hatch-DFL, Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota-GOP, Sarah Durenberger-GOP, Patty Wetterling-DFL, Michelle Bachmann-GOP, Keith Ellison-DFL, Alan Fine-GOP, Ann Rest-DFL, Derek Brigham-GOP Another good looker, not pictured: Norm Coleman, senator-GOP
It's so easy to vote Republican, just pick out the finest looking people! I think I've made my point!

Note: the Dems voted ugly, and most of them won! You see, they have no rhyme or reason.

photos come from each person's personal website


kingdavid said...

The prime example in the last election was Colleen Rowley; probably even homlier than Wetterling. She blamed her loss on the fact that she wasn't a prom queen; forget the fact that her politics are probably left of Wellstoneians. She loses, than questions the intelligence and decision of the constituents she wanted to represent. The liberal mind; what a waste.

Gabrielle Eden said...

What a waste!