Friday, December 29, 2006

Song For Eagles

For my nephew.....

We were the generation of blown minds
the one that the hinge turned on
the one the world turned on...the one the world "turned onto".. things.
they blew our minds
they passed the grass
"acid" test
the "me" generation

did they care enough about the "you" generation?
we were guinea pigs
they told us to smoke this, don't worry about it
later we were in mental hospitals

but you came along
your generation rose out of the pit that was ours
there you were - strong
and you can do and be so many things we cannot be - go where we cannot
carry the torch

fly eagle
fly to the seas
fly to the mountains
fly to the streams
where we can never be
to the things we could never reach, the things we could never be

fly eagle
be what you can be
reach what you can reach

I won't hold you back with the bitterness of my tears of my lost years
I won't give him that one last victory, to hold you back by groveling in my self pity
To try to keep you from trying
To keep you from flying

Proverb: (by whom?)
"And with what do we pay when we purchase the truth? Why, young man,
we buy it with our time, and with our youth."

(my nephew is the one who has already helped to direct the actors in a major film "Sweetland" and who now flashes movie clips on the screen to match the action in basketball games for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He's only 23. I struggle with envy, that's why I put this on my blog, becuase I wrote it when i wasn't jealous and had to remind myself that I was vowing not to hold him back with my envy)

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