Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Most People Find That Life Without God is Difficult.

How much better if you find that life without God is impossible.

Gabrielle Eden


Trailady said...

This for me would be very true. I could not get by without my faith and the hope that something better will come for those who believe.

I do know many people who do not have God in their lives who seem content with living...

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know they do. It can be a mystery why, but it can also be temporary for them. you never know who will "come" and when.

ro said...

it's no mystery. we simply aren't afraid of being alone.

you should try it someday. or maybe you already have and you couldn't cope, hence you found a saviour, or were more open to letting a saviour find you.

i'm not saying that's bad, simply that people with no faith other than their own spirit are neither lost nor in need of rescue.

trust me on this :-)

Gabrielle Eden said...

ro, I still can't understand a life without God!