Sunday, December 10, 2006

Over The Hedge

Along with the theme of animals living for food and wanting us for our food, I just saw this movie and it is hilarious! The raccoon, with the appropriate voice of Bruce Willis, tells the other forest animals that humans live to eat and have plenty of food, now the animals just have to figure out how to get it. He says some really funny things about humans, just the kind of things animals seem to think about us.

I picked this movie out while browsing the video store. I found so many awful films available - slashers and violence and bad sex, ugh! I plowed through all the trash, and all the movies that seemed would not live up to their promises, and picked this one. Be sure to see it.


kingdavid said...

I took my daughter and 3 of her friends to this movie on her birthday last year. Then, for about a month after, I heard, "I want my cookie" about a million times. The squirell was the favorite of all the girls. I sort of liked the possum family myself. I don't think it was as good as some of the others, but it was cute.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Which ones did you like better? I'll go look for them.

kingdavid said...

You had to have seen the Toy Story movies; if not, those are a must see, they're hilarious.

I think Bug's Life would be my next favorite, followed by the Incredibles.

Cars was in the cute category; but it did have some pretty funny moments.

The nice thing about kid movies nowadays, with the kids being older, is that we don't have to see them over and over. When Toy Story came out, JR watched it about 40 times in one week.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, that's like me and Groundhog day which I've seen about 30+ times.

Trailady said...

Cute film- loved it!! :o)