Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again

It seems that when Christmas rolls around there is a sense of discontent, or unhappiness out there. Maybe there are plenty of people who do OK until this season that emphasizes the importance of family and relationships comes again. I've had unbearable times at Christmas in the past, being emotionally and mentally distraught, but this year is gonna be better.

I remember Joyce Meyer, in my formative years (as a Christian) saying: first one must work on one's relationship with God, and then with people, in that order. And that makes sense to me because I was closed up to God for a good while until a day came when I wanted more relationships with people. I lived alone with three cats and was in deep fellowship with God.

I would worship Him in my home and read His word and good books. I worked on my relationship with God. Then one day I found I needed a roomate. I got the best roomate, the perfect roomate - this young lady who went to a Christian college where I also went for a while. This was a healing time for me. I even got rid of two of my cats, partly because I felt that I had replaced people with cats and didn't want to do that anymore. (later I regretted it and went out and got Tubby, a new cat)

Anyway, it must be that plenty of folks have gotten their careers underway, but somehow haven't succeeded in the relationship area, and most likely, that starts with their relationship to God.

Once there are hurts and disappointments, resentment is the easiest thing to feel. That spirit of resentment can be like a giant hawk or vulture trying to impale my heart with its claw, saying, "you must be resentful too! I'm not letting you go!" Ach. That's why Jesus says the Son will set you free. Resentment is bondage.

I have progressed, I think, now to the point where I am living with my parents again - something I didn't think possible. I am really enjoying living with them, and if you've read what I've said about my dad, you'd know this is progress. There is also healing in my rel. to my siblings. I went traveling because I wanted to meet and connect with lots of people, and did. The time of fellowship with God and His word changed me!

I just pray for any of you hurting at this time of year. I pray that if you are lonely you will find God in that lonely place, and develop your relationship with Him. And that from there your relationship to humans will improve more and more. Having a family (or not) doesn't matter as much as having a relationship to God. And may you truly be merry this Christmas!

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