Monday, December 04, 2006

Check It Out

At last I have found a blog that speaks my language: humor, rightwing philosophy, and grounded in Christ. Kingdavid, as he calls himself, is at The Far Wright. Hilarious guy with his "Mocha-momma." Also, I want to mention ABC News on the internet. I go there every day, because I have discovered that they are at least impartial and bi-partisan in their approach. They were the only ones who reported that Ted Haggard had stepped down from his position as opposed to being fired. They interviewed people at his church and in general, gave a more comprehensive coverage of the scandal. I have discovered articles, like the editorial by Mike Gallagher mentioned in my post, "Not all Muslims are Terrorists.." and I find them refreshing.

I've also now found several other men with blogs worth mentioning (besides kingdavid) who are somehow connected. There is Hammerswing 75 and Night Writer and kingdavid's ministry site Solid Rocks Ministry. There's Donny Prater's blog A Man Coming Alive and Kev's blog What's Up With Kev?, who I think came on through trailady at My Journey. All these are men of God aiming for the prize.

Also, I want to mention Scott Bonnell and David who I've been visiting for a while. David has been a dear friend on the web.

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